Hungary hosts two Archery World Champs in 2016

3dwchSopron and Gyula are two Hungarian cities just as far as possible from each other as they are situated on the opposite side of the country just a few meters from the borders.

Archery brought these locations together during the summer of 2016. As 3D and Historical Archery World Championships where hosted by them.
Both championships where successful of all perspectives. 600 archers representing 26 countries where present which indicates the success off historical and 3D archery but also the good reputation of Hungarian archery competitions.

VB-logoWe asked Sebastian Vánky president for Hungarian and International Archery Association about the key of success. You need to have a good team when organizing large events.


We had people working knowing their task and having the experience of big tournaments, they know the needs of archers as they are shooting themselves on other tournaments.
Most importantly they work now as a team with one goal make the tournament as good as possible.
We are proud to have organized these events in Hungary and also ready for future ones if we get the opportunity.