Newsletter – 3D WCH 2018

Dear Friends,

Many thanks for the huge interest to the 3D Word Championships.
We have some requests and additional information for registering:

  • If you fill a new registration please use the “First Name” section for your given name (forename, vorname, förnamn, fornavn, keresztnév, krstné meno, ime, etc…) and the “Last Name” section please use for your family name (surename, nachname, familienname, efternamn, efternavn, családnév, priezvisko, prezime, etc…)
    Please fill every further section for complete registration!
  • After your registation will arrive the confirmation e-mail to your mail address. Please confirm your registration with the link in the email. If you not found the confirmation email in your inbox, first time please check the “spam” folder. Please let it patiente, maybe will arrive 1 huor after the registration. If not arrived later, please let me know, write to us with your name and the time of registration, we will activate your reg. Our address:
    If any modification, correction or cancellation needed in your registration, please send your request by email to address as above.
  • When you transfer the registration fee, please use your or yours registration numer in the note of transfer.
  • After arriving the fee to our account, we will finalize your registration soon

We waiting for your registration,

HDH-IAA 3D WCH 2018’s team