HDH International Archery Association

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to our homepage.

H as Historical

D as 3Dimensional

H as Hunting

The HDH-IAA was founded 2010 by the members of European Archery Association.

The rules for 3D has been kept and new rules for Historical and Hunting archery has been adopted.

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Tisztelt Látogató!

Ön a HDH Nemzetközi Íjász Szövetség honlapját látja.

H mint Historical vagyis Történelmi
D mint 3Dimeziós
H mint Hunter vagyis Vadász

A HDH-IAA a volt EAA tagok által 2010-ben alapított szövetség.
Megtartottuk az EAA szabályait, illetve A Magyar Történelmi illetve Vadászíjász szabályzatot fogadtuk el.
A Szövetség célja az íjászat népszerűsítése és egy nemzetközi együttműködési alap megteremtése a fenti íjász szakágakban.
Célunk az egész család bevonása az íjászatba, hogy tagjaink tartalmasan tölthessék szabadidejüket és életstílusukká váljon ez a szép sport.



Dear Friend!

The 3D GP in Attergau has been ended. Many thanks to the organizers, was a nice weekend the tournament against the not summer weather. We will meet in the 3DECH 2017!

The results are here:

Some pictures from the competition may you see in this place:

See you in next time the World Championships, in Sopron, Hungary

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Dear Friends!

The first larger event of summer is near. The beautiful place of Alps and hospitality of good friends will grant a good competition. Attergau is not so far, they are in heart of Europe.

Welcome everybody!

Please register in here:

See you in Attergau
HDH-IAA team




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3D Indoor ECH 2016 results

Dear Friends,

The 3D Indoor European Championships has been ended.
Many thanks for all participants, congratulations for winners.

The results are in here:


or the registration site:




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Dear Friends


The Historical IECH has been ended. Congratulations to winners!

Here are the results:


Some pictures from the great competition coming soon….

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Dear Friend,

The Historical Indoor European Championships has been strated in Budapest. The host of competition the “FEHOVA”, in the expo city. The competitors will shots today and tomorrow in the hall “D” and the hall “A”.

Please check the registration site for the part-results.

Finals will be around 5.00 PM in thusday.

We wish good competition for all participant!

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Dear Competitors,logoHist

Time table for HDH-IAA Historical Indoor ECH is ready.

Please check your time in here:

Competitors can enter at Gate 6, where they get free tickets. (Sorry, competitors only, we can’t get free tickets to friend, attendants, relatives, etc)
Parking fee: 1800 HUF / day

Kedves Versenyzők!

Elkészült az első versenynapi csapatbeosztás.
A részletes lista itt letölthető:

A versenyzők a 6-os kapun tudnak bejönni, ahol megkapják a belépőkártyájukat. (Csak …

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Dear Competitors / Kedves versenyzők,

Have you checked the time table? Really? Good. J

Some more information:
You will shot 24 targets from 4 stances / day. (6 targets / stance, so you MUST HAVE AT LEAST 6 ARROWS – not just at the start)

Time limit: 5 minutes for 6 shoot.

One group is 6 archers, 3 archers shoot at the same time. If all 6 archers have finished shooting, wait for signal and check hits, fill the scorecards, and move to next stance.

Registration desk …

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Dear Competitors,ECHszarvas

Time table for HDH-IAA 3D Indoor ECH is ready.

19.02. Friday
Field “A” – http://misz.hu/hdhiaa/Field A Friday.pdf
Field “B” – http://misz.hu/hdhiaa/Field B Friday.pdf

20.02. Saturday
Field “A” – http://misz.hu/hdhiaa/Field A Saturday.pdf
Field “B” – http://misz.hu/hdhiaa/Field B saturday.pdf

Please check it, and arrive in time.
(be at registration desk in building “D” at least 30 minutes before your starting time)
Sorry, we …

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Dear Friends,

I am pleased inform you the registration to the 3D WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS is open.

Please check the site in HERE where find many informs from the 3D WCH.

Register now!


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Dear Competitors,

We have good news. After negotiations with Hungexpo and changing the course of the competition we managed to allow archers to take part who transferred their fee latest 7th Jan 2016.
We kindly ask all the other archers who have not paid until 7th Jan NOT to transfer any fe for 3D ECH, it will not be accepted. 
Archers transferring after 7-th of january  can choose either 1) to be put on the waiting list or 2) to get their money …

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