Hungary – MISZ

Hungarian Archery Association

Was founded 1957.

Archery divisions represented by HAA:

Target, Field, 3D, Historical, Run, Hunting, Traditional

Member clubs: 126

Number of licenses given out: 3 000

Webpage for international competitions in Hungary:

Board: 7 members

Our first priority is safety an all our events.

We make huge efforts to educate new instructors and have archery in school.

As a result we have more and more youngsters joining the archery family every year. (Yearly duplicating)

To make archery more popular we organize international competitions for FITA, IFAA and IAA every year.


HAA Secretary:
HAA Office:
Address: Istvánmezei út 1-3. III. emelet 310.,  Budapest H-1146, Hungary
Telefon: +3614606861
Fax: +3614606862