Pre-registered competitors 413 / REGISTERED COMPETITORS 36
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2nd 3D Archery WCH 2018

2nd of September 2018, Austria, Moosburg

List of registered participants

#First name Last nameAgeSexBow classRegistration Country codePayed
4754ÁdámHorváthsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2017-10-13 16:51:24HungaryNot yet
5190ÁdámMarkosmini (15 év alatt)MaleHU (Hunter 3D)2018-01-02 15:29:09HungaryNot yet
5135AdiDürveterans (51 years of age or older)MalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2017-12-11 19:59:22Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4968AlenaSobotkováveterans (51 years of age or older)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-26 17:48:30Czech RepublicNot yet
4966AlešSobotkasenior (21 – 50 years)MalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2017-10-26 17:49:42Czech RepublicNot yet
4744AlexanderSchultzmini (under 15 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-12 20:01:00Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4965AlexanderKanetscheidersenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2017-10-26 17:12:57Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5063AlexanderLatzkoveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleBB (Bare bow)2017-11-20 08:25:12Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4670AlexandraDozsasenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2017-10-11 02:47:24HungaryNot yet
4899AlfredKreidlsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2017-10-21 18:26:50Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4663AlízKunsenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2017-10-10 22:24:05HungaryNot yet
4672AndreaPayersenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleBB (Bare bow)2017-10-11 08:22:31Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4736AndreasPraschbergerveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2017-10-12 09:13:27Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4853AndreasWernickesenior (21 – 50 years)MaleCRB (Crossbow)2017-10-19 22:27:17GermanyNot yet
5058Andreasgattringerveterans (51 years of age or older)Male0002017-11-17 10:10:42Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5114AndreasGlücksenior (21 – 50 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2017-12-03 09:43:18Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5133AndreasHöllwirthsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-12-11 09:16:21Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5151AndreasOpitzsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2017-12-17 14:09:34Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5042AngelikaPiribauerveterans (51 years of age or older)Female0002017-11-14 10:54:08Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4964AnnettLutzensveterans (51 years of age or older)FemaleCRB (Crossbow)2017-11-20 09:25:44GermanyYes
4690ArnulfBeguschsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2017-10-11 11:53:42Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4822ArturChodkowskisenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-19 14:22:41PolandNot yet
4843AttilaSzárazsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleHU (Hunter 3D)2017-10-19 20:21:26Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
4925AttilaDulasenior (21 – 50 years)MaleHU (Hunter 3D)2017-10-22 20:19:42HungaryNot yet
4952AttilaBaloghsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2017-10-28 07:11:05HungaryNot yet
5215AttilaSipossenior (21 – 50 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2018-01-10 12:41:24HungaryNot yet
4776Attila PatrikKovácscadetts (15 – 17 years)MaleCRB (Crossbow)2017-10-15 17:23:40HungaryNot yet
5109AugustWillingshofersenior (21 – 50 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2017-12-01 11:48:15Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4675AxelBognarveterans (51 years of age or older)MalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2017-10-11 09:10:16Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4638Balázs Tomsics senior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-10 19:48:52HungaryNot yet
4653BarasitsGyörgyveterans (51 years of age or older)MalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2017-10-11 13:37:05HungaryNot yet
4782BélaBereczveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleCRB (Crossbow)2017-10-15 20:47:12HungaryNot yet
5167BenWohlfartmini (under 15 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-12-26 11:17:54Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4916Benjamin Kun senior (21 – 50 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2017-12-30 21:08:55Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Yes
4798BernadetteBugelnigsenior (21 – 50 years)FemalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2017-10-16 22:27:38Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4869BerndGaalveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleCRB (Crossbow)2017-10-31 17:46:30GermanyYes
4804BernhardSchinkoveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-11-20 09:23:35Austria, Republic ofYes
5176BernhardGohmveterans (51 years of age or older)MalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2017-12-27 23:49:29Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4996BirgitKrügersenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-11-04 18:26:18GermanyNot yet
5025BjornKallhultveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2017-11-09 10:23:39Sweden, Kingdom ofNot yet
5101BjörneSegerveteraner (51 år eller äldre)MaleBB (Bare båge)2017-11-29 10:02:49Sweden, Kingdom ofNot yet
5196Bo Lynnerup senior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2018-01-04 18:18:48Denmark, Kingdom ofNot yet
5107BódisBalázssenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-11-30 19:32:07HungaryNot yet
4712Bóka Lászlóveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2017-10-11 19:39:12HungaryNot yet
5053BrezovskyGustavsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2017-11-16 18:21:22Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4988BrigittaSchwaigerveterans (51 years of age or older)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2018-01-08 21:04:19Austria, Republic ofYes
4786BrigitteNagelscmied gagglSenior (21 - 50 Jahre)FemalePB-HB (Primitive Bögen & Pferdebögen)2017-10-16 13:48:07Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5024BrigitteSchubtschikveterans (51 years of age or older)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-11-09 08:15:41Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5049Burkhard Koflersenior (21 – 50 years)MalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2017-11-15 15:44:29Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4710ChristaGrünsteidl senior (21 – 50 years)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-11 17:38:15Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4674ChristianKarnersenior (21 – 50 years)MaleOL (Olympic)2017-10-11 08:26:33Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4773ChristianRinnerveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2018-01-08 21:03:39Austria, Republic ofYes
4828ChristianKlein-Weinbergersenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-19 15:01:26Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4879ChristianBergmayrsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-20 19:50:47Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4924ChristianGreissenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-22 20:00:29Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4963ChristianZeiselbergerveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2017-12-30 21:07:06Austria, Republic ofYes
4981ChristianGolsersenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-11-20 09:26:10Austria, Republic ofYes
5123ChristianWanghofersenior (21 – 50 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2017-12-06 12:45:57Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5153ChristianAmtmannsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2018-01-11 14:06:40Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5222ChristianFischerveterans (51 years of age or older)MalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2018-01-16 16:10:11Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4837ChristinePointner-MidlVeteranen (51 Jahre alt oder älter)FemaleTR-RB (traditionelles Recurve)2017-10-25 18:47:53Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4971ChristophWohlfahrtersenior (21 – 50 years)MaleHU (Hunter 3D)2017-10-29 07:05:14Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5220ClaudiaStojanveterans (51 years of age or older)FemaleBB (Bare bow)2018-01-14 11:41:06Australia, Commonwealth ofNot yet
5197Crille Andersson senior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2018-01-04 18:36:19Sweden, Kingdom ofNot yet
4683CsabaLabonczsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleHU (Hunter 3D)2017-10-11 10:25:22HungaryNot yet
5191CsabaMarkosidősebb (21 - 50 év)MaleHU (Hunter 3D)2018-01-02 15:32:07HungaryNot yet
4846DaliborHaliksenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-19 20:50:42Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
4684DanielLindercadetts (15 – 17 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2017-10-11 13:21:35Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5035DanielWiedenmannsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-12-30 21:08:19GermanyYes
5125DanielPeterseilsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2017-12-08 16:49:26Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4962DanielaZeiselbergersenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-12-30 21:07:25Austria, Republic ofYes
4640DavidCíbikmini (under 15 years)MaleHU (Hunter 3D)2017-10-10 19:34:42Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
4811DemeterViktorveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2017-10-18 19:03:10HungaryNot yet
5204DianeWlachsenior (21 – 50 years)Female0002018-01-07 16:22:11Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4866DidiSchellhornsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-21 05:18:34Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4974DieterBlumbergerVeteranen (51 Jahre alt oder älter)MaleTR-LB (traditioneller Langbogen)2017-10-29 20:07:14Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4791DietmarPohlsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleOL (Olympic)2017-10-17 11:49:57GermanyNot yet
4946Dora Lászlóveterans (51 years of age or older)MalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2017-10-24 14:11:00HungaryNot yet
5189DragicaTofaj Gutmansenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2018-01-02 10:44:27SloveniaNot yet
4897DusanBindersenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2017-10-21 16:19:02Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
4833EdgarLoehrsenior (21 – 50 years)MalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2017-10-19 17:32:32GermanyNot yet
4652EditKukorellisenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-10 20:30:35HungaryNot yet
4715EditDezsőné Csersenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-11 19:41:37HungaryNot yet
4873EdithSchallingerSenior (21 - 50 Jahre)FemaleTR-RB (traditionelles Recurve)2017-10-20 18:48:04Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5194EgonPerssonsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2018-01-04 11:48:29Sweden, Kingdom ofNot yet
4892ElisabethStrakaVeteranen (51 Jahre alt oder älter)FemaleTR-RB (traditionelles Recurve)2017-10-21 11:52:53Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5037EliškaŠafrovámini (under 15 years)FemaleBB (Bare bow)2017-11-13 16:14:28Czech RepublicNot yet
5163EliskaFilipovamini (do 15 rokov)FemaleBB (Bare luk)2017-12-21 18:15:29Not yet
5178EliskaFilipovamini (do 15 rokov)FemaleBB (Bare luk)2017-12-28 10:04:18Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
5039ElkeSchneiderveterans (51 years of age or older)FemaleCRB (Crossbow)2017-11-13 22:41:18GermanyNot yet
4958EmaČabalovámini (under 15 years)FemaleBB (Bare bow)2017-10-25 19:22:05Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
5102EmaHudecovámini (under 15 years)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-11-28 19:59:49Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
4689ErichNageleveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleBB (Bare bow)2017-10-11 12:02:50Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4719ErichHaiderveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2017-10-11 21:08:01Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4949ErikRusnákcadetts (15 – 17 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2017-10-24 18:37:33Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
4839ERIKAMÁLKOVÁsenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-31 17:50:58Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Yes
4955ErikaKrállovácadetts (15 – 17 years)FemalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2017-10-25 09:39:41Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
4757ErnstKatzmaiersenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-18 09:51:56Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4785ErnstGagglveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-16 13:48:36Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4819ErnstReicherveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2017-10-19 09:12:42Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5096ErnstgagglVeteranen (51 Jahre oder älter)MaleHU (Jäger 3D)2017-11-28 05:51:30Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4769ErwinMantlveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-12-13 18:04:34Austria, Republic ofYes
4990ErwinZahlbergerveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-11-05 20:28:26Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4972ErzsébetRakonczaisenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-29 11:53:17HungaryNot yet
5010EstherNedoluhaveterans (51 years of age or older)FemalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2017-11-06 12:31:51Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4745FarkasDávidsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2017-10-13 07:50:14HungaryNot yet
4772FelixRichtermini (under 15 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-11-26 16:13:39Austria, Republic ofYes
4855FerdinandBinderveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleHU (Hunter 3D)2017-10-20 05:32:15Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4877FerencMajorveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-20 18:56:38HungaryNot yet
4716FlorianLAURENSsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleCB (Compound Bare bow)2017-10-11 22:20:04France, French Republic Not yet
4728Florian Kasbergersenior (21 – 50 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2017-10-11 21:50:01Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4997FlorianKrügermini (under 15 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-11-04 18:26:04GermanyNot yet
5100FlorianKöllveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2017-12-08 17:45:06Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5149FlorianStockercadetts (15 – 17 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2017-12-16 16:05:59Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5140FrancesBrennerSenior (21 - 50 Jahre)FemaleTR-RB (Traditionelle Recurve)2017-12-13 00:34:03Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4825FranciscoCamachoveterans (51 years of age or older)MalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2017-10-19 14:37:08Portugal, Portuguese RepublicNot yet
4953FRANTISEKCERMANsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleCRB (Crossbow)2017-10-24 23:08:11Czech RepublicNot yet
4678FranzKaltenbergerveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleBB (Bare bow)2017-10-11 09:19:51Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5085FranzAmmerveterans (51 years of age or older)Male0002017-11-26 17:40:46Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5213FranzFuxveterans (51 years of age or older)MalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2018-01-09 20:57:16Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4730FriedrichWeissengruberveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleBB (Bare bow)2017-10-11 22:08:28Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4904GaálZoltánveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleBB (Bare bow)2017-10-25 12:22:41HungaryNot yet
4741GabiZraunigsenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleBB (Bare bow)2017-10-12 19:04:27Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4701GáborNagysenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-11 15:36:50Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
4780GáborLázársenior (21 – 50 years)MaleCRB (Crossbow)2017-10-15 20:41:20HungaryNot yet
4830GáborBánszkisenior (21 – 50 years)MaleOL (Olympic)2017-10-19 15:01:41HungaryNot yet
4882GáborVerescadetts (15 – 17 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-20 22:01:19HungaryNot yet
4982GaborLayersenior (21 – 50 years)MaleHU (Hunter 3D)2017-10-30 11:49:28HungaryNot yet
4987GaborKovacsveterans (51 years of age or older)Male0002017-11-01 13:10:41HungaryNot yet
5113GáborSimándiveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-12-02 23:02:43HungaryNot yet
5182Gabor Kiralyveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2018-01-01 02:26:09HungaryNot yet
4810GabriellaPrekopsenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2017-10-18 16:36:56HungaryNot yet
5060GérardMetzveterans (51 years of age or older)MalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2017-11-17 12:33:29Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4929GerdHermaniksenior (21 – 50 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2017-10-22 21:49:13Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4729GergicsJózsefveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-11 21:54:47HungaryNot yet
4874GerhardSchallingerSenior (21 - 50 Jahre)MaleTR-LB (traditioneller Langbogen)2017-10-20 18:50:28Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4978Gerhardschrenkveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-11-19 12:23:46Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5014GerhardEhrengruberveterans (51 years of age or older)MalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2017-11-07 10:46:42Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5088GerhardCrepazveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2017-11-26 20:27:24Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5103GerhardSimmersenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-11-30 10:41:14Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5120GerhardSanderveterans (51 years of age or older)MalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2017-12-04 20:47:37Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5205GerhardGerstmayrsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2018-01-07 17:09:51Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5164GottfriedKramerveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2017-12-22 12:50:24Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4919Gunnarvon Lingenveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleCRB (Crossbow)2017-10-22 13:52:08GermanyNot yet
4948GünterBaumgartnerveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleBB (Bare bow)2017-10-24 16:43:18Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5175GünterUrlVeteranen (51 Jahre oder älter)MaleTR-RB (Traditionelle Recurve)2017-12-27 00:53:25Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4688GyörgyGondánsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2017-10-11 10:50:20HungaryNot yet
4870GyulaRacskósenior (21 – 50 years)Male0002017-10-20 17:22:51HungaryNot yet
5046HaagZoltánsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-11-14 18:13:09HungaryNot yet
4775HannesSabitzersenior (21 – 50 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2017-10-15 08:14:53Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4831hannesvavraveterans (51 years of age or older)MalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2017-10-19 15:49:08Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4787Hans PeterMargesinveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleBB (Bare bow)2017-10-16 14:40:59Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4812HansjörgMeinschadsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2017-10-22 14:34:12Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4698HaraldKohtzsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-21 11:48:49Austria, Republic ofYes
5111HaraldFürederveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleOL (Olympic)2017-12-02 12:07:28Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4646HegedűsKárolysenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2017-10-10 19:50:31HungaryNot yet
4992HeikoThieleveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2017-11-03 21:18:10Not yet
4636HeinerBesteveterans (51 years of age or older)Male0002017-10-10 16:51:42Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4989HeldisZahlbergersenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-11-03 11:15:44Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4821HelfriedBauerVeteranen (51 Jahre alt oder älter)MaleTR-RB (traditionelles Recurve)2017-10-19 13:06:00Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4756HelmutVorauerveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-13 18:38:56Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4862HelmutBrandtnerVeteranen (51 Jahre alt oder älter)MaleBB (nackten Bogen)2017-10-20 10:20:57Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5141HelmutLenersenior (21 – 50 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2017-12-13 13:46:56Australia, Commonwealth ofNot yet
5221helmutlenerveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2018-01-16 20:31:00Australia, Commonwealth ofYes
5219HelmuthSchusterveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2018-01-12 14:37:02Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4704HenriettaHestenczsenior (21 – 50 years)FemalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2017-10-11 16:18:04HungaryNot yet
5156HerbertBauersenior (21 – 50 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2017-12-18 18:07:42Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5225HerbertEICHERveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2018-01-17 16:55:57Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4826Herczog Armandsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleCRB (Crossbow)2017-10-19 14:42:26HungaryNot yet
4742HermannGöltlsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2017-10-12 19:56:48Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4748HermannHABERLsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleOL (Olympic)2017-10-13 12:17:59Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4928HermannBergerVeteranen (51 Jahre alt oder älter)MaleTR-RB (traditionelles Recurve)2017-10-22 21:33:31Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5041HermannKinbergerVeteranen (51 Jahre oder älter)MaleBB (Blanker Bogen)2017-11-14 10:35:26Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4894HerwigKöchlveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-21 14:45:00Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4723HilliHinterleitnerveterans (51 years of age or older)FemaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2017-11-20 09:22:49Austria, Republic ofYes
4724HorstHinterleitnerveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2017-11-20 09:23:06Austria, Republic ofYes
5157HorstPreindlsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2017-12-20 18:19:16Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4986HorváthGáborveterans (51 years of age or older)MalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2017-11-01 09:25:14HungaryNot yet
5146HubertWinklerveterans (51 years of age or older)MalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2017-12-15 14:25:21Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4648IgorKrasňanskýsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-10 19:52:45Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
4926ImreSzilágyisenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2017-10-22 20:21:53HungaryNot yet
4767InesMantlsenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-12-13 18:04:14Austria, Republic ofYes
4909IngeBertängsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2017-10-21 21:01:40Sweden, Kingdom ofNot yet
5112IngoWeilersenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-12-02 16:09:25Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4668IstvánSüleveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2017-10-10 23:59:30HungaryNot yet
4696IstvánTógyeridősebb (21 - 50 év)MaleCU (összetett korlátlan)2017-10-11 12:56:40HungaryNot yet
4951IstvánFejesveterans (51 years of age or older)MalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2017-10-24 19:09:55HungaryNot yet
5098IstvanVörösveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2017-11-28 08:41:44Sweden, Kingdom ofNot yet
5184IstvánPéterbenczeveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleBB (Bare bow)2018-01-01 13:05:27HungaryNot yet
4912IvanHudecveterans (51 years of age or older)FemaleHU (Hunter 3D)2017-10-22 18:47:00Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
4959IvanGeorgievmini (under 15 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2017-10-25 19:24:34Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
5143IvanVyšnýveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleHU (Hunter 3D)2017-12-14 09:11:07Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
4717IzsákiSándorsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-11 20:45:53HungaryNot yet
5187JakobRopjuniors (18 - 21 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2018-01-02 10:40:33SloveniaNot yet
4659JakubŠtuksenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-20 21:11:45Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Yes
4838JAKUBMÁLEKmini (under 15 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2017-10-31 17:47:39Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Yes
5177JakubLuptakkadetov (15 - 17 rokov)MaleBB (Bare luk)2017-12-28 09:42:46Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
4686JanDomeijsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2017-10-11 10:33:43Sweden, Kingdom ofNot yet
4865JánKúdelaveteráni (vo veku 51 rokov alebo starší)MaleBB (Bare luk)2017-10-20 11:06:28Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
5180JánRyssenior (21 – 50 years)MalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2017-12-31 22:45:11Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
4938JarmilaPleskačová veterans (51 years of age or older)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-24 23:53:11Czech RepublicNot yet
4881JaromirMarecekveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-22 21:52:16GermanyNot yet
5012JaroslavDobšíčekveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2017-11-09 20:56:19Czech RepublicNot yet
4995JensKrügerveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-11-04 18:26:31GermanyNot yet
4998JENSMEYERveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2017-11-05 09:23:39GermanyNot yet
4967JiříSobotkaveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-26 17:48:05Czech RepublicNot yet
5161JiříMrlíkveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2017-12-26 11:17:32Czech RepublicNot yet
5008JoachimJaenkeveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleCRB (Crossbow)2017-11-06 11:58:59GermanyNot yet
4841johannpopveterans (51 years of age or older)Male0002017-10-19 20:29:58Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5023JohannSchubtschikveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-11-09 08:15:19Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5097JonasPerssonsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2017-11-28 08:33:00Sweden, Kingdom ofNot yet
4703JosefEhrenreiterveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleBB (Bare bow)2018-01-10 11:45:30Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4720JosefGoldbrunnerveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleHU (Hunter 3D)2017-10-11 21:08:08Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4933JosefJelínekveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-23 09:11:37Czech RepublicNot yet
5104JosefWeilersenior (21 – 50 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2017-11-30 14:07:03Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5026JozefĎugelveteráni (vo veku 51 rokov alebo starší)MalePB-HB (primitívne luky a konské luky)2017-11-09 12:12:58Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
4802JózsefTóthidősebb (21 - 50 év)MaleCRB (Crossbow)2017-10-17 19:19:42HungaryNot yet
4973JózsefTormasenior (21 – 50 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2017-10-29 11:52:21HungaryNot yet
4970JuliaGallobitschsenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-28 18:25:32Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4667Julian Kropf mini (under 15 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2017-10-10 23:47:08Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4835JuliusMidlVeteranen (51 Jahre alt oder älter)MaleTR-RB (traditionelles Recurve)2017-10-25 18:47:16Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4902JürgenPichlersenior (21 – 50 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2017-10-21 19:08:40Italy, Italian RepublicNot yet
5089JürgenGutscheveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleBB (Bare bow)2017-11-26 20:02:53Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4643KalmárJózsefsenior (21 – 50 years)MalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2017-10-10 19:44:23HungaryNot yet
5000KarinVychasenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-11-05 17:46:57Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5007KarinZilliveterans (51 years of age or older)FemaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2017-11-07 09:47:30Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4975KárolyBónaveteránok (51 éves vagy idősebb)MaleCRB (Crossbow)2017-10-29 16:03:47HungaryNot yet
5172KateřinaKučovásenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleBB (Bare bow)2017-12-26 21:55:00Czech RepublicNot yet
4743KatrinGöltljuniors (18 - 21 years)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-12 19:57:11Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5159KatrinHahnsenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleCRB (Crossbow)2017-12-20 16:27:13GermanyNot yet
5115KerstinReichmannveterans (51 years of age or older)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-12-03 09:45:37Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4656Kis-NagyZoltansenior (21 – 50 years)MalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2017-10-10 20:52:36RomaniaNot yet
5139KissGáborsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2017-12-12 22:13:53HungaryNot yet
4695KlausBrandstättersenior (21 – 50 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2017-10-11 12:54:04Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4708KlausGrünsteidl senior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-11 17:34:04Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4885KlausBambergerVeteranen (51 Jahre alt oder älter)MaleTR-LB (traditioneller Langbogen)2017-10-21 08:55:42Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5032KlausGagglVeteranen (51 Jahre oder älter)MalePB-HB (Primitive Bögen & Pferdebögen)2017-11-11 22:41:19Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5091KlausBittermannsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2017-11-27 12:34:20Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4693Klaus W.Käferveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2017-10-11 12:02:09Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4699KonstantinLohningermini (under 15 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-20 21:28:05Austria, Republic ofYes
4993KonstantinSchiefelbeinmini (under 15 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-11-03 21:16:46GermanyNot yet
4864KovácsAttilasenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-20 10:42:30HungaryNot yet
5036Kovácsné BulinAndreaveterans (51 years of age or older)Female0002017-11-13 15:27:53HungaryNot yet
4746KrauszpekJánosveterans (51 years of age or older)MalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2017-10-13 07:52:06HungaryNot yet
4900KristiánFulemitssenior (21 – 50 years)MaleHU (Hunter 3D)2017-10-21 19:03:52Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
4747KurtBalvinveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleOL (Olympic)2017-10-13 09:23:06GermanyNot yet
5080KurtRiegersenior (21 – 50 years)MaleCRB (Crossbow)2017-11-30 16:50:10Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5154KurtAmtmannveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleBB (Bare bow)2017-12-19 08:52:38Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4880LadislavDarázssenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2017-10-20 20:18:15Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
4911LadislavKajmasenior (21 – 50 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2018-01-16 20:31:23Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Yes
5179LadislavKolínkosenior (21 – 50 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2017-12-29 11:40:58Czech RepublicNot yet
5018LarsGunnesveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleBB (Bare bow)2017-11-08 15:31:10Sweden, Kingdom ofNot yet
4697LászlóBaloghsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2017-10-11 14:38:24HungaryNot yet
4956LászlóJónássenior (21 – 50 years)MalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2017-10-25 11:42:54HungaryNot yet
5057LászlóFábossenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-11-17 01:33:34HungaryNot yet
5065LászlóKisssenior (21 – 50 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2017-11-20 18:04:56HungaryNot yet
5214LorántLUKÁCSsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2018-01-12 18:27:08Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
4860ĽubomírMáleksenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-11-20 09:23:59Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Yes
4844LubosVeselysenior (21 – 50 years)MaleHU (Hunter 3D)2017-10-19 20:33:10Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
5047LubosBelaceksenior (21 – 50 years)MaleCRB (Crossbow)2017-11-14 21:00:15Czech RepublicNot yet
4845LucaHachmannsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2017-10-19 20:35:02Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4908LukasJakubkosenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-21 21:15:57Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
5054LukasMosercadetts (15 – 17 years)FemaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2017-11-16 20:24:41Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4650LutzKoschoreck veterans (51 years of age or older)MalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2017-10-10 20:20:11GermanyNot yet
4823MagdalenaBłażsenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-19 16:46:33PolandNot yet
5048MaltesicsBertalansenior (21 – 50 years)MalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2017-11-25 07:01:26Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4799ManfredWestreicherveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-17 11:49:37Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5052ManfredFiedlerveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleHU (Hunter 3D)2017-11-16 15:10:18Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4658ManuelaPirmannveterans (51 years of age or older)FemaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2017-10-10 20:59:29Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4813MarcelMeinschadsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2017-10-29 14:54:31Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4850MarcelDrabinaveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-19 21:42:42Czech RepublicNot yet
5116MarcelaStádníkovásenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-12-03 15:57:10Czech RepublicNot yet
5202MarcellKöllsenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2018-01-05 17:29:38Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4927Margarete Götzendorfer veterans (51 years of age or older)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-22 20:39:09Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4977margitschrenkveterans (51 years of age or older)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-29 16:57:57Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4861MáriaKramplovásenior (21 – 50 years)FemalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2017-10-31 17:47:06Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Yes
4789MariánChudíkmini (under 15 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-16 15:26:51Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
4936MariánBosýsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2017-10-23 09:37:07Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
4980MariannBúzasenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2017-10-29 18:55:11HungaryNot yet
4814MarioMeinschadsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2017-10-29 14:55:08Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4801MarkusINGRUBERsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2017-10-17 18:56:32Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4898MarkusReichmannsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2017-10-21 18:09:09Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5044MarošTlacháčmini (under 15 years)MaleHU (Hunter 3D)2017-11-14 16:48:20Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
5208MarsellUrlSenior (21 - 50 Jahre)MaleBB (Kahler Bogen)2018-01-08 08:19:15Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4707MartinDragunsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2017-10-21 11:46:12Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Yes
4766MartinStollfußsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-14 15:08:42Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4884MartinWörndleveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleBB (Bare bow)2017-10-21 09:59:03Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4994MartinStücklersenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2017-11-03 22:52:40Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5081MartinAlthubersenior (21 – 50 years)MalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2017-12-03 23:25:16Austria, Republic ofYes
5110MartinSchaefersenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-12-01 20:48:11Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4694MartinaBrandstättersenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-11 12:53:53Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4820MatsHallbergveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleHU (Hunter 3D)2017-10-19 14:42:04Sweden, Kingdom ofNot yet
4677MatthiasKaltenbergerjuniors (18 - 21 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2017-10-11 09:18:20Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5016MaxStroblsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2017-11-07 12:49:36Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5223MaxReindlveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2018-01-17 18:14:34Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4639MercédeszWindischmannveterans (51 years of age or older)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-10 19:29:28HungaryNot yet
4705MichaelReitersenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2017-10-11 16:56:19Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4777MichaelKramersenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-15 18:41:19Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5079MichaelRennerveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2017-11-22 20:17:28Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5124MichaelEckersenior (21 – 50 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2017-12-05 19:48:45Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5200MichaelStreibveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleHU (Hunter 3D)2018-01-04 20:56:36GermanyNot yet
5210MichaelKirschveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2018-01-13 12:18:13Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5033MichaelaSabitzersenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2017-11-19 16:36:58Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4950MihályÁdámkusenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2017-10-25 17:28:02HungaryNot yet
4763MiklósTóthveterans (51 years of age or older)MalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2017-10-14 10:30:24HungaryNot yet
4764Miklós ÁlmosNisóczimini (under 15 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-14 10:31:23HungaryNot yet
4957MilanČabalamini (under 15 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2017-10-25 19:16:52Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
5211MilošNádašskýsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2018-01-09 08:04:49Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
5064MirjamRessmannsenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleBB (Bare bow)2017-11-20 08:26:04Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4847MiroslavLOCHsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleCRB (Crossbow)2017-10-23 16:48:13Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
4954MiroslavKrállsenior (21 – 50 years)MalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2017-10-25 09:38:54Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
5132Miroslav Kuruczsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2017-12-11 08:32:30Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
4854MiroslavaMichalcovásenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2017-10-20 09:15:44Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
4642MolnárFerenc Mideszsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-10 19:44:04HungaryNot yet
4645MonikaKrasňanskásenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2017-10-10 19:49:42Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
4760Monika BiedermannSenior (21 - 50 Jahre)FemaleTR-RB (traditionelles Recurve)2017-10-14 07:48:51Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4969MónikaLudányisenior (21 – 50 years)FemalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2017-10-26 20:16:34HungaryNot yet
5028MortenAndersensenior (21 – 50 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2017-11-10 10:36:34Denmark, Kingdom ofNot yet
5106NémethÁkossenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-11-30 15:28:11HungaryNot yet
5158NickBehrenwoltsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-12-20 16:27:31GermanyNot yet
4718NicoleMörtenböcksenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleHU (Hunter 3D)2017-10-11 21:07:53Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5134NicoleHubersenior (21 – 50 years)FemalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2017-12-11 21:51:27Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5168OliverPamermini (under 15 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-12-26 11:18:21Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4871OrsolyaRacskóné Ribárszkisenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-20 17:24:19HungaryNot yet
5185OrsolyaBorsodisenior (21 – 50 years)FemalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2018-01-01 19:29:19HungaryNot yet
4771OscarRichterveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleBB (Bare bow)2017-11-26 16:13:51Austria, Republic ofYes
4722OtmarWeberveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2017-11-20 09:22:11Austria, Republic ofYes
4991PálBertaveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-11-02 23:34:06HungaryNot yet
4930PatríciaHájkovájuniors (18 - 21 years)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-22 21:54:08Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
5082Patrick PingistSenior (21 - 50 Jahre)MaleCU (Verbindung unbegrenzt)2017-12-03 23:25:38Austria, Republic ofYes
4983Paul ArthurLinnersenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-30 20:06:51Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4848PauloDos santossenior (21 – 50 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2017-10-19 21:17:59Portugal, Portuguese RepublicNot yet
5050PavelŠlezingersenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-11-15 21:59:01Czech RepublicNot yet
5073PavelBajtlsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-11-21 15:38:42Czech RepublicNot yet
5117PavelHofschnaidrsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-12-03 15:57:21Czech RepublicNot yet
4641PavolCíbiksenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2017-10-10 19:58:31Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
4851PavolVeselýsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2017-10-19 21:57:26Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
4867Pavol Valient senior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2017-10-20 16:06:53Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
4733PeterLenerveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2018-01-08 21:03:18Austria, Republic ofYes
4836PETERMÁLEKsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-20 21:22:49Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Yes
4891PeterŠiagimini (under 15 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2017-10-21 10:19:28Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
4910PeterBednáriksenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2017-10-22 08:38:46Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
4999PeterLindenveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2017-11-05 18:30:05Sweden, Kingdom ofNot yet
5068PeterSlotsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2017-11-21 12:00:11Denmark, Kingdom ofNot yet
5095PeterJankovičveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2017-11-27 23:19:22Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
5099PeterFuetsch-Voglsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2017-11-28 09:01:00Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5138PeterNorénsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2017-12-12 16:58:28Sweden, Kingdom ofNot yet
4753PetrDleseksenior (21 – 50 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2017-10-13 14:28:54Czech RepublicNot yet
4903PetrRevajveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleCRB (Crossbow)2017-10-21 20:03:34Czech RepublicNot yet
4788PetraMargesinsenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleBB (Bare bow)2017-10-16 14:43:57Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5084PetraAmmerveterans (51 years of age or older)FemaleBB (Bare bow)2017-11-26 17:30:32Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4893PhilipStadlersenior (21 – 50 years)MaleCRB (Crossbow)2017-10-21 12:51:21Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5086PiesingerManfredveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2017-11-26 17:57:31Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4671PiroskaGyörrgyné Keresztsenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-11 07:24:39HungaryNot yet
4649rabotkagyörgysenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2017-10-10 20:21:04HungaryNot yet
4651RabotkaGyörgy Viktorsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2017-10-10 20:21:27HungaryNot yet
4680RadaIlonasenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleBB (Bare bow)2017-10-11 09:46:31HungaryNot yet
5067RadekKönigsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2017-11-20 22:17:31Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
4976RainerMeinschadveterans (51 years of age or older)MalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2017-10-29 14:58:30Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4790RalfBusseveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2017-10-16 15:37:49GermanyNot yet
4931RalfSallabergersenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-23 04:56:40Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4827RancaDaciansenior (21 – 50 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2017-10-19 14:43:13RomaniaNot yet
4647RastislavSarkasenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2017-10-10 19:55:03Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
4721ReginaPolleresveterans (51 years of age or older)FemaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2017-10-11 21:08:18Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4666Reinhard Kropf senior (21 – 50 years)FemaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2017-10-10 23:46:44Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4817ReinhardKOGLERveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleBB (Bare bow)2017-10-19 05:41:57Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4691ReinprechtFranzveterans (51 years of age or older)FemaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2017-11-06 10:22:26Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4692ReinprechtMelissasenior (21 – 50 years)Male0002017-11-06 10:21:57Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5011RenátaDobšíčkováveterans (51 years of age or older)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-11-06 18:16:05Czech RepublicNot yet
4920Renatevon Lingenveterans (51 years of age or older)FemaleCRB (Crossbow)2017-10-22 13:53:47GermanyNot yet
5209RenateKirschveterans (51 years of age or older)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2018-01-13 12:20:53Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4758ReneVitzthumSenior (21 - 50 Jahre)FemaleCB (Verbindung Bare Bow)2017-10-14 07:38:26Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4913RóbertBejticmini (under 15 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2017-10-22 09:43:36Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
4937RobertPaskuliaksenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-23 12:37:23Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
5006ROBERTSTRANAKveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2017-11-06 08:47:10Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
5038RóbertMakaisenior (21 – 50 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2017-11-13 22:08:47HungaryNot yet
4901RolandSprengersenior (21 – 50 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2017-10-21 19:09:38Italy, Italian RepublicNot yet
4734RomanSchuckertsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleHU (Hunter 3D)2017-10-12 07:29:56Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4886RomanSschwaigerveterans (5151 years of age or older)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-21 09:40:37Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4887RomanSchwaigerveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2018-01-08 21:03:58Austria, Republic ofYes
5061RomanaSchornsenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2017-11-23 08:53:45Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5195RonnyGrönnevikveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2018-01-04 12:41:19Sweden, Kingdom ofNot yet
5173RoswithaUrlVeteranen (51 Jahre oder älter)FemaleTR-RB (Traditionelle Recurve)2017-12-27 00:49:53Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4945RudolfRusňákveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleCRB (Crossbow)2017-11-20 09:25:19Austria, Republic ofYes
5203RudolfWlachveterans (51 years of age or older)Male0002018-01-07 16:22:44Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4725RupertGrafveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2017-10-11 21:09:22Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4875SabrinaSchallimgerMini (unter 15 Jahren)FemaleTR-RB (traditionelles Recurve)2017-10-20 18:56:58Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4655SamuelChrastinajuniors (18 - 21 years)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2017-10-10 20:48:29Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
4939Samuel SebastiánSádeckýmini (under 15 years)MaleOL (Olympic)2017-10-23 20:43:51Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
4737SándorHarangisenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-12 09:25:22HungaryNot yet
4842SándorRóbertsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleHU (Hunter 3D)2017-10-19 19:50:32HungaryNot yet
5183SandorBanyisenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2018-01-01 02:26:24HungaryNot yet
4664SárgaRóbertveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2017-10-10 22:38:48HungaryNot yet
4985SebastianKoppesenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-31 01:17:07GermanyNot yet
4917Sebastian JesseKunmini (under 15 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2017-12-30 21:09:11Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Yes
4738SeresArmandsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleCRB (Crossbow)2017-10-12 10:27:04HungaryNot yet
5171Sickan Schäffersenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2018-01-02 11:08:44Denmark, Kingdom ofNot yet
4682StefanLindersenior (21 – 50 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2017-10-11 10:37:43Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4918StefanFröbergveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2017-10-22 13:30:20Sweden, Kingdom ofNot yet
5166Stefan Zeindl senior (21 – 50 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2017-12-25 17:16:36Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5207StefanFermsenior (21 – 50 years)MalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2018-01-07 20:04:12Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4685StefanieGrutschnigveterans (51 years of age or older)FemaleBB (Bare bow)2017-10-11 10:40:21Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5034SteffenHothsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2017-11-12 18:13:51GermanyNot yet
4735SternJohannveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-12 07:36:33Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4984Stig-GoranVallnersenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2017-10-30 20:11:30Sweden, Kingdom ofNot yet
5199Sussi Anderssonveterans (51 years of age or older)Female0002018-01-04 19:43:36Sweden, Kingdom ofNot yet
5074SvatoplukHanzlveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleBB (Bare bow)2017-11-21 15:41:02Czech RepublicNot yet
4906SylviaPetrášovásenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleHU (Hunter 3D)2017-10-21 20:30:51Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
5059SylviaGattringerveterans (51 years of age or older)Female0002017-11-17 10:11:04Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4781SzabinaBakósenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleCRB (Crossbow)2017-10-15 20:45:48HungaryNot yet
4829szaboIstvansenior (21 – 50 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2017-10-19 14:54:30HungaryNot yet
4863SzalókyIstvánsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-20 10:42:16HungaryNot yet
5162SzilárdGyimótisenior (21 – 50 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2017-12-21 14:20:23HungaryNot yet
4824TamasBorossenior (21 – 50 years)MaleHU (Hunter 3D)2017-10-19 14:42:53HungaryNot yet
4896TatianaBinderovásenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-21 16:20:28Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
5001TheresaMayrKadetten (15 - 17 Jahre)FemaleTR-RB (traditioneller Recurve)2017-11-20 09:26:38Austria, Republic ofYes
5165Thomas Zeindl senior (21 – 50 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2017-12-25 17:16:48Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4852TIBOR LÉVAY veterans (51 years of age or older)MaleHU (Hunter 3D)2017-10-19 22:07:36Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
5121TiborGondasenior (21 – 50 years)MaleHU (Hunter 3D)2017-12-05 15:25:23Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
5045TomášTlacháčmini (under 15 years)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2017-11-14 16:54:45Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
5193TomasHarryssonveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2018-01-04 11:45:40Sweden, Kingdom ofNot yet
4832TomaszRozmanowskisenior (21 - 50 lat)MaleHU (Hunter 3D)2017-10-19 16:14:39PolandNot yet
4687UllaDomeijsenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2017-10-11 10:34:00Sweden, Kingdom ofNot yet
5105UlrichGrätz-Veitsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleHU (Hunter 3D)2017-11-30 15:20:35GermanyNot yet
4731UrsulaWeissengrubersenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-11 22:08:35Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4755UrsulaÜberbacherveterans (51 years of age or older)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-13 18:23:41Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5122ValerieSalis-Samadensenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleBB (Bare bow)2017-12-05 17:37:15Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4934VěraMajerovásenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleBB (Bare bow)2017-10-23 09:11:47Czech RepublicNot yet
4669VighCsabasenior (21 – 50 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2017-10-11 00:10:57HungaryNot yet
4907Viliam Petrášsenior (21 – 50 years)MalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2017-10-21 20:30:06Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
5188VitoTofajsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2018-01-02 10:40:24SloveniaNot yet
4709WalterFeizlmairveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-11 17:37:47Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4805WalterMoitziVeteranen (51 Jahre alt oder älter)MaleHU (Hunter 3D)2017-10-17 21:12:11Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5075WalterLichteneggerVeteranen (51 Jahre oder älter)MalePB-HB (Primitive Bögen & Pferdebögen)2017-11-21 19:39:47Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5160waltertremlveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2018-01-08 21:04:42Austria, Republic ofYes
5077WaltraudKroissveterans (51 years of age or older)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-11-22 19:38:06Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4700wernersterbuzelsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleCRB (Crossbow)2017-10-11 15:24:23Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4751WernerMarischveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleHU (Hunter 3D)2017-10-13 10:57:18Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5206Wihelm Rinnerveterans (51 years of age or older)Male0002018-01-07 19:16:27Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5043WillibaldPiribauerveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-11-14 11:03:40Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4657WolfgangPirmannveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2017-10-10 21:01:47Austria, Republic ofNot yet
4795WolfgangKramlsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2017-10-18 08:38:47Austria, Republic ofNot yet
5118Zibrandt Christensen senior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-12-04 17:21:19Denmark, Kingdom ofNot yet
4815ZoltánMolnárveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-18 21:49:17HungaryNot yet
5055ZoltánSzendisenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-11-16 20:46:03HungaryNot yet
5126ZoltánMolnárveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-12-08 19:28:33HungaryNot yet
4662ZsoltKalácskasenior (21 – 50 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2017-10-10 22:21:31HungaryNot yet
4676ZsoltKovácssenior (21 – 50 years)MalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2017-10-11 09:35:13HungaryNot yet
4840Zsolt ÁrpádVarga senior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2017-10-19 19:01:08HungaryNot yet
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