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3D ECH 2019

18th of August 2019, Varín, SLOVAKIA, Chata Fatranka







Sunday 18.08.

11.00-12.00    BOD meeting
12.00-15.00    General meeting
16.00-18.00    BOD meeting

10.00-18.00    Registration and equipment inspection (competition office in Chata Fatranka)
10.00-18.00    Practice field open in Chata Fatranka

Monday 19.08.
10.00-18.00   Registration and equipment inspection (competition office in Chata Fatranka)
10.00-18.00   Practice field open in Chata Fatranka
16.00-17.00   Info meeting for Team Captains
19.00-            Opening ceremony in downtown of Varín

Tuesday 20.08.
08.00-09.30   Practice field open
10.00-16.00   1st competiton day (28 3D targets)

Wednesday 21.08.
08.00-09.30   Practice field open
10.00-16.00   2nd competiton day (28 3D targets)

Thursday 22.08.
08.00-09.30   Practice field open
10.00-16.00   3nd competiton day (28 3D targets)

Friday 23.08.
08.00-09.00   Practice field open
09.00-13.00   Team qualification (14 3D targets)
14.00-16.00   Practice field open for finalist teams

15.00-            Long  distances Team Final
16.00-            Short distances Team Final

Saturday 24.08.
08.00-14.00  Practice field open for individual finalists
09.00-          Long distances individual finals
13.00-          Short distances individual finals
17.00-          Awarding Ceremony
19:00-          Banquet in Chateau Gbelany



Registration to ECH


What to do?
1. Fill the registration form on application site
2. Validate your registration by link on automatic email
3. Transfer the registration fee
(it has to arrive to account before deadline transfer is 3 working days) 
Important: Please write the registration number to the transfer for identification!

Entry fees: 225 € for juniors, adults, veteran, 
                   135 € for cadetts, minis

                   50 € for Teams

Deadline for registration: 31.07.2019.

Discounted entry fee(net*) received before 30.05.2019  150 € for juniors, adults, veteran
                                                                                           90 € for cadetts, minis

Discounted entry fee(net*) received before 30.06.2019  170 € for juniors, adults, veteran
                                                                                        105 € for cadetts, minis


Cancellation policy: until 30.05.2019. 90% repaid, after 30.06.2019. 50% repaid.
No refund if cancelled after 01.07.2019.

More info about registration:

If you are an individual shooter or your club/association did not pay the membership fee for 2019 you have to buy individual HDH-IAA shooting licence for 2019 (15 Euro) directly from HDH-IAA.
If you need please send your request to the address and pay with cash at desk of IAA in the competition office.

Please inform about the individual shooting licence in or write us to

Our bank account for payment in EUR:

Account owner: Lukostrelecký klub Varín
Bank Name: Postová Banka, a.s.
Bank Address: Dvořákovo nábrežie 4, 81102 Bratislava
IBAN: SK 8265 0000 0000 0004 6147 20


Attention! We will erase the unpaid pre-registrations in 30.06.2019. 
Please register again if you not found your pre-registration in the site and transfer the fees with new registration number.




Appointed officials to 3D ECH 2019


Head Judge: Marjan Ilar (SLO)
Judge: Charly Egger (AUT)
Judge: Shahram Mohamaddi (IRI)
Judge: Csaba Laboncz (HUN)

Technical Director: Sebastian Vánky (HUN)