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3D ECH 2019

18th of August 2019, Varín, SLOVAKIA, Chata Fatranka

List of registered participants

#First name Last nameAgeSexBow classRegistration Country codePayed
6456ÁdámSzatmárimini (under 15 years)MaleOL (Olympic)2018-10-30 09:22:41HungaryNot yet
6526AlenaSobotkováveterans (51 years of age or older)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2018-11-04 20:23:16Czech RepublicNot yet
6524AlešSobotkasenior (21 – 50 years)MalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2018-11-04 20:22:41Czech RepublicNot yet
6569AlešMahdalsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2018-11-09 20:37:22Czech RepublicNot yet
6437AndreaMeskósenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleHU (Hunter 3D)2018-10-29 13:05:19HungaryNot yet
6458ArturChodkowskisenior (21 – 50 years)Male0002018-10-30 10:02:29PolandNot yet
6518AttilaTanisenior (21 – 50 years)MalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2018-11-03 16:55:15HungaryNot yet
6439BalázsTomsicssenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2018-10-29 13:04:54HungaryNot yet
6565BalázsBerényisenior (21 – 50 years)MaleHU (Hunter 3D)2018-11-08 22:36:21HungaryNot yet
6438Bálint DánielRománcadetts (15 – 17 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2018-10-29 13:05:52HungaryNot yet
6559BaranyaiTündemini (under 15 years)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2018-11-08 15:05:09Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
6560BaranyaiZsoltsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2018-11-08 15:07:52Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
6587BélaBereczveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleCRB (Crossbow)2018-11-17 12:47:36HungaryNot yet
6574BenWohlfartmini (under 15 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2018-11-11 17:54:11Austria, Republic ofNot yet
6470BenjaminKunsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2018-10-30 12:29:24Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
6541Bóka Lászlóveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2018-11-05 21:07:44HungaryNot yet
6501ChristianRinnerveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2018-10-31 18:10:56Austria, Republic ofNot yet
6555ChristianKlein-Weinbergersenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2018-11-08 08:15:45Austria, Republic ofNot yet
6550ChristinePointner-Midlveterans (51 years of age or older)FemaleBB (Bare bow)2018-11-06 21:03:21Austria, Republic ofNot yet
6556ClaudiaWeinbergersenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2018-11-08 19:45:30Austria, Republic ofNot yet
6494CyrilKrižanmini (under 15 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2018-10-31 09:26:18Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
6479DanielaKubišovásenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleBB (Bare bow)2018-10-30 14:50:48Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
6482DavidCibikmini (under 15 years)MaleHU (Hunter 3D)2018-10-30 16:47:51Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
6467DugmanicsTamássenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2018-10-30 22:40:04HungaryNot yet
6468DugmanicsNoémimini (under 15 years)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2018-10-30 22:39:32HungaryNot yet
6466Dugmanicsné DombaiBeátasenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleHU (Hunter 3D)2018-10-30 11:57:58HungaryNot yet
6436EditKukorellisenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2018-10-29 13:03:30HungaryNot yet
6504EliškaŠafrovámini (under 15 years)FemaleBB (Bare bow)2018-10-31 18:31:07Czech RepublicNot yet
6570EliškaMahdalovámini (under 15 years)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2018-11-09 20:40:04Czech RepublicNot yet
6477EmaČabalovámini (under 15 years)FemaleBB (Bare bow)2018-10-30 13:00:52Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
6575EmaHudecovámini (under 15 years)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2018-11-11 19:07:23Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
6464ErzsébetRakonczaisenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2018-10-30 10:26:38HungaryNot yet
6459EszterCsikóscadetts (15 – 17 years)FemaleBB (Bare bow)2018-10-30 10:04:03HungaryNot yet
6580federicoperucchisenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2018-11-13 12:16:26Italy, Italian RepublicNot yet
6499FelixRichtermini (under 15 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2018-10-31 13:10:21Austria, Republic ofNot yet
6435FlóriánHarangisenior (21 – 50 years)MaleOL (Olympic)2018-10-29 13:02:28HungaryNot yet
6530GáborSzedláksenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2018-11-05 13:51:04HungaryNot yet
6532GáborMolnársenior (21 – 50 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2018-11-05 16:14:25HungaryNot yet
6588GáborLázársenior (21 – 50 years)MaleCRB (Crossbow)2018-11-17 12:48:39HungaryNot yet
6579giammariosalovoniveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2018-11-13 12:16:19Italy, Italian RepublicNot yet
6457Gy. CsabaTalpasveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleBB (Bare bow)2018-10-30 10:01:57HungaryNot yet
6433GyörgyGondánsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2018-10-29 12:39:07HungaryNot yet
6478HeinerBesteveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleHU (Hunter 3D)2018-10-30 14:46:44Austria, Republic ofNot yet
6557HelmutBrandtnerveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleBB (Bare bow)2018-11-08 08:24:44Austria, Republic ofNot yet
6495HenrietaKrižanovásenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2018-10-31 09:29:09Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
6573Hermann Göltlsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2018-11-11 17:54:03Austria, Republic ofNot yet
6563HildegardHinterleitnerveterans (51 years of age or older)FemaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2018-11-08 20:34:32Austria, Republic ofNot yet
6562HorstHinterleitnerveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2018-11-08 20:39:57Austria, Republic ofNot yet
6490IgorKrasňanskýveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2018-10-30 20:00:01Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
6581igormomenteveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2018-11-13 12:16:36Italy, Italian RepublicNot yet
6553IstvánPéterbenczeveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleBB (Bare bow)2018-11-07 19:26:54HungaryNot yet
6472IvanGeorgievmini (under 15 years)MaleHU (Hunter 3D)2018-10-30 12:43:57Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
6455JakubŠtuksenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2018-10-30 09:06:46Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
6492Ján Kúdelaveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleBB (Bare bow)2018-10-30 20:57:19Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
6578JánČemanveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleBB (Bare bow)2018-11-12 17:00:15Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
6583JanSagansenior (21 – 50 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2018-11-13 23:32:35Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
6525JiříSobotkaveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2018-11-04 20:23:08Czech RepublicNot yet
6543JiriKratochvilsenior (21 – 50 years)Male0002018-11-05 22:04:55Czech RepublicNot yet
6546JiříHanzalsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2018-11-06 14:38:20Czech RepublicNot yet
6450Josef Ehrenreiter veterans (51 years of age or older)MaleBB (Bare bow)2018-10-30 07:01:04Austria, Republic ofNot yet
6502JosefJelínekveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleBB (Bare bow)2018-10-31 18:30:42Czech RepublicNot yet
6463JózsefTormasenior (21 – 50 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2018-10-30 10:24:21HungaryNot yet
6488JózsefTóthsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleCRB (Crossbow)2018-10-30 19:44:51HungaryNot yet
6521JuliePořízkovámini (under 15 years)FemaleBB (Bare bow)2018-11-04 13:21:45Czech RepublicNot yet
6549JuliusMidlveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2018-11-06 21:02:58Austria, Republic ofNot yet
6545KateřinaKučovásenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleBB (Bare bow)2018-11-06 10:30:52Czech RepublicNot yet
6571KateřinaČejpovásenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleBB (Bare bow)2018-11-11 07:48:47Czech RepublicNot yet
6572KatrinGöltljuniors (18 - 21 years)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2018-11-11 17:53:55Austria, Republic ofNot yet
6510KissLadislavsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleHU (Hunter 3D)2018-11-01 12:31:13Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
6496KlausBrandstättersenior (21 – 50 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2018-10-31 11:20:48Austria, Republic ofNot yet
6481KrauszpekJánosveterans (51 years of age or older)MalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2018-10-30 16:03:49HungaryNot yet
6493KristiánFulemitssenior (21 – 50 years)MaleHU (Hunter 3D)2018-10-30 21:52:57Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
6509KurtBalvinveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleOL (Olympic)2018-11-01 11:36:57GermanyNot yet
6446LadislavKajmasenior (21 – 50 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2018-10-29 21:22:35Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
6513LászlóBaloghsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2018-11-02 09:28:00HungaryNot yet
6511Lili LucaVéghmini (under 15 years)FemaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2018-11-01 12:57:48HungaryNot yet
6445Ľubomír Málek senior (21 – 50 years)MalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2018-10-29 21:25:41Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
6522ĽubomírKráliksenior (21 – 50 years)MalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2018-11-04 14:35:52Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
6444LukášVáclavjuniors (18 - 21 years)MalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2018-10-29 21:01:12Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
6447MáriaMálek senior (21 – 50 years)FemalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2018-10-29 21:22:41Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
6453MáriaBernátováveterans (51 years of age or older)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2018-10-30 08:03:18Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
6449MariánChudíkmini (under 15 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2018-10-29 21:57:48Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
6443Márk Zsolt Vargamini (under 15 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2018-10-29 17:01:35HungaryNot yet
6500MarošTlacháčmini (under 15 years)MaleHU (Hunter 3D)2018-10-31 13:51:01Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
6506MartinŠafrsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2018-10-31 18:31:29Czech RepublicNot yet
6497MartinaBrandstättersenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2018-10-31 11:21:03Austria, Republic ofNot yet
6519Mátyás AttilaTanimini (under 15 years)MalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2018-11-03 16:55:38HungaryNot yet
6434MercédeszWindischmannveterans (51 years of age or older)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2018-10-29 12:56:40HungaryNot yet
6514MichaelKramersenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2018-11-02 11:30:18Austria, Republic ofNot yet
6505MichaelaŠafrovásenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleBB (Bare bow)2018-10-31 18:31:18Czech RepublicNot yet
6441MihályFarkasveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleHU (Hunter 3D)2018-10-29 19:10:29HungaryNot yet
6566MiklósTóthveterans (51 years of age or older)MalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2018-11-09 11:01:10HungaryNot yet
6567Miklós ÁlmosNisóczimini (under 15 years)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2018-11-09 11:01:17HungaryNot yet
6533MiladaStefanakovaveterans (51 years of age or older)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2018-11-05 16:20:17Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
6476MilanČabalamini (under 15 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2018-10-30 12:56:52Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
6585Miroslav Kuruczsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2018-11-14 06:53:07Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
6515MiroslavaMichalcovásenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2018-11-02 20:14:40Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
6489MonikaKrasňanskásenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2018-10-30 19:59:37Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
6535MonikaNymburskásenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleBB (Bare bow)2018-11-05 20:23:33Czech RepublicNot yet
6474Nella AlexandraSádeckámini (under 15 years)FemaleHU (Hunter 3D)2018-10-30 12:48:51Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
6540OldřichSvobodaveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2018-11-05 20:33:36Czech RepublicNot yet
6460Olga Błażsenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2018-10-30 10:06:06PolandNot yet
6498OscarRichterveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleBB (Bare bow)2018-10-31 13:08:42Austria, Republic ofNot yet
6512PavelRepáksenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2018-11-01 21:30:18Czech RepublicNot yet
6552PavelŠlezingersenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2018-11-07 09:34:30Czech RepublicNot yet
6544PavlaKratochvilovasenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleHU (Hunter 3D)2018-11-05 22:23:51Czech RepublicNot yet
6483PavolCibiksenior (21 – 50 years)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2018-10-30 16:49:20Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
6454PeterBernátveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2018-10-30 08:13:30Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
6475PeterŠiagimini (under 15 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2018-10-30 12:52:57Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
6528PeterBruijnsveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleBB (Bare bow)2018-11-04 22:06:46Austria, Republic ofNot yet
6534PetrDleseksenior (21 – 50 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2018-11-05 19:48:08Czech RepublicNot yet
6542PetrSejkorasenior (21 – 50 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2018-11-05 21:56:25Czech RepublicNot yet
6548PetrNiznanskysenior (21 – 50 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2018-11-06 14:43:25Czech RepublicNot yet
6507PiroskaGyörrgyné Keresztsenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2018-10-31 23:13:18HungaryNot yet
6486RichárdKaszásjuniors (18 - 21 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2018-10-30 17:52:08HungaryNot yet
6471RóbertBejticmini (under 15 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2018-10-30 12:38:16Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
6517RóbertSzúdormini (under 15 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2018-11-04 10:08:10Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
6561RupertGrafveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2018-11-09 11:51:52Austria, Republic ofNot yet
6527RůženaKlierovásenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2018-11-04 20:24:37Czech RepublicNot yet
6484SamuelChrastinajuniors (18 - 21 years)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2018-10-31 12:37:32Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
6473Samuel SebastiánSádeckýmini (under 15 years)MaleHU (Hunter 3D)2018-10-30 12:46:54Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
6440SándorHarangisenior (21 – 50 years)MaleHU (Hunter 3D)2018-10-29 13:05:37HungaryNot yet
6537SandraHüllerovácadetts (15 – 17 years)FemaleBB (Bare bow)2018-11-05 20:22:43Czech RepublicNot yet
6469SeresArmandsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleHU (Hunter 3D)2018-10-30 22:37:14HungaryNot yet
6516SofiaMalámini (under 15 years)FemaleBB (Bare bow)2018-11-03 09:17:27Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
6508SvenArfstenveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2018-11-01 10:54:15Austria, Republic ofNot yet
6589SzabinaBakósenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleCRB (Crossbow)2018-11-17 12:47:38HungaryNot yet
6448Tibor LÉVAY veterans (51 years of age or older)MaleHU (Hunter 3D)2018-10-29 22:00:08Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
6577TomášLaifrsenior (21 – 50 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2018-11-12 11:00:55Czech RepublicNot yet
6503VěraMajerovásenior (21 – 50 years)FemaleBB (Bare bow)2018-10-31 18:30:53Czech RepublicNot yet
6487VighCsabasenior (21 – 50 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2018-10-30 18:34:26HungaryNot yet
6485VINCENZO ARCAveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-LB (Traditional Longbow)2018-10-30 18:19:00Italy, Italian RepublicNot yet
6529VítSzecsenyimini (under 15 years)MaleBB (Bare bow)2018-11-05 06:14:49Czech RepublicNot yet
6520ZoltánMolnárveterans (51 years of age or older)MaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2018-11-03 17:57:57HungaryNot yet
6462ZsoltKalácskasenior (21 – 50 years)MaleCU (Compound Unlimited)2018-10-30 10:19:19HungaryNot yet
6442Zsolt ÁrpádVargasenior (21 – 50 yearsMaleTR-RB (Traditional Recurve)2018-10-29 17:01:08HungaryNot yet
6523ZuzanaKrálikovásenior (21 – 50 years)FemalePB-HB (Primitive Bows & Horse Bows)2018-11-04 14:36:36Slovakia (Slovak Republic)Not yet
#First name Last nameAgeSexBow classRegistration Country codePayed