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HDH-IAA Historical ECH 2017

22th of August 2017, Kecskemét, Downtown


Magyar nyelvű meghívó ITT (1000KiB) letölthető


I would like to invite you on behalf of the Hungarian Archery Association to  HDH-IAA Historical Archery European Championships 2017. The competition will be organised on 22th - 26th August 2017 according to the rules of the historical HDH-IAA. It is open to all archers to register as no qualification is needed.


I wish good luck for all our competitors and a good time for our guests and visitors!

I am looking forward to seeing you in Kecskemét.

Tamás Lovász
President of HAA Historical Disciplines

According to the historical archery rules of the HDH-International Archery Association 


Categories: Traditional bows made from modern material                Age groups: Mini male/female

                  Traditional bows made from natural material                                      Cadet male/female

                  Hunting bows                                                                                   Junior male/female

                                                                                                                        Adult  male/female

                                                                                                                        Senior male/female

Team competition!          


The Archery European Championship will be held at the same time as the Hírös Hét Festival of Kecskemét  and the Kassai Horseback Archery Worldcup organized by the Smuta Tribe. 



22th Tuesday
11:00-17:00  Registration (city hall)
13:00-17:00  Practice range opening hours („Benkó Z.” Szabadidőközpont)
17:30 – Procession (gathering at the Town hall at the Trianon memorial)
18:00- Opening ceremony (Main Squaregathering at the Town hall - changing of the hussar guards.....

23th Wednesday („Benkó Z.” Szabadidőközpont)
8:00-9:00 Practice range opening hours
9:30  Group division, orientation
10:00-14:00 European Championship 1st round (18 targets)

24th Thursday („Benkó Z.” Szabadidőközpont)
8:00-9:00 Practice range opening hours
9:30 Group division, orientation
10:00-14:00 European Championship 2nd round (18 targets)
16:00 Archery duel from the 49 meter high city hill

25th Friday („Benkó Z.” Szabadidőközpont)
8:00-9:00 Practice range opening hours
9:30 Group division, orientation
10:00-14:00 European Championship 3rd round (18 targets)
15:30 Team competition (6 targets duel)
20:00 Banquet

26th Saturday
7:00-8:00 Practice range opening hours
8:30 Group division, orientation
9:00-12:00 Ranking (18 targets)
14:00 Finals (6 targets)
18:00 Awarding ceremony
20:00 Closing programs of the European Championship and the Hírös Hét Festival – Concerts 

Kassai Horsback Archery Worldcup all day
Programs during the day are the following:
National Gallop, Hussar Gallop qualifying rounds, Horse-shows


Competition by the HDH-IAA Historical rules

On the first 3 days competitors shoot on the qualification ranges on 3 different ranges each with 18 targets (18 classic target faces, 18 hunting targets (3D animals), 18 skilled, technical targets).  Now and then, archers are going to face usual shooting-stands, whereas, at certain stages, they are going to shoot more targets from a certain stand (at least 9 arrows are needed ). Some targets will represent significant events of Hungary’s history, their dates will determine the ranges of the targets.

On the 4th day competitors who accomplished the qualification will shoot. In the ranking there will be 18 targets (6-6-6 targets chosen from the qualification days). Those competitors who reached the specified level on every qualification day will shoot on the ranking day. The best 6 competitors from each category get into the finals.

Qualification levels:  

Historical bows

by ranges
Female: 35%
Male: 50%

in total (total score of the 3  ranges)
Female: 45%
Male:60 %

Hunting bows

by ranges
Female: 40%

in total (total score of the 3  ranges)
Female: 50%
Male: 65 %


Team competition:

Open for all, 4 persons per team. 6 target duel in 25th of august.

Registration in the place until 17:00 oclock, 22th of august.

We would like to ask the teams who would like to participate in the team competition to bring a prize that is connected to their team or nation which we will hand out between the participating teams. 




1st place

European Champion Title, Unique ECH medal, Trophy, Certificate

Prizes will be raffled among participants

2nd-3rd place

Unique ECH medal and Certificate

4th-6th place

Unique Certificate


Certificates for the all participants



Registration deadline:  31.07.2017

The registration fee contains: participation entry fee, the additional programs, the banquet 

Airport transfer:

Registration fee

1-31. 07. 2017

150 €

48000 HUF

Discounted registration fee

Until 30th June 2017

80 €

25000 HUF

Registration fee without “MÍSZ card” or without IAA licence Until 30th June 2017
80€ + 15€ (IAA licence) = 95 € 30000 HUF

On-site registration

225 €

70000 HUF

Guest banquet


17 €

5000 HUF

Bank name and address:  OTP BANK NYRT, 1163 Budapest Jókai utca 3/B
Owner:  Hungarian Archery Association, 1163 Budapest Margit utca 28. 

IBAN: HU21 1176 3165 1686 8887 0000 0000

For HUF transfer please use this account: 11716008-20205953 

Info about IAA licence:


The registration becomes valid when the entry fee arrives to the bank account
In the case of cancellation we can refund the fee according to the following:
      until 31.05.2017. 90% repaid, after 01.06.2017. 50% repaid.

No refund if cancelled within 3 week from competition.



Competition site:


Town hall of Kecskemét

Registration for the competitors, bow check


Opening ceremony

Main Square

 Opening ceremony in main stage


Competition ranges

Benkó Zoltán „ Szabadidőközpont 

(With Hungary’s highest artificial hill)
3 days of qualification

Ranking, finals



Kassai Horseback Archery World Cup


National Gallop
Hussar Gallop qualifying rounds


„Benkó Zoltán „ Szabadidőközpont
Rudolf Hussar Barrack



Awarding ceremony, final programs

Main Square,

Main Stage


Hírös Hét Festival - Kecskemét



Competition information - 

Registration website -

HDH-IAA website:

Competition rules:




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