Due to the growing risk of COVID epidemics and measures taken to avoid infections, we are forced to cancel GP again.
Unfortunately, it is not yet clear how defense will affect our competitions, we are working on making HDH-IAA competitons safe. Next year’s competition calendar is being planned, please keep an eye on our website for current information.

Entries will be refunded by the organizers. We ask for a little patience from those involved.

See you in the 2021 season!

Stay safe!


  First 3D Archery Grand Prix 2020 HDH-IAA
Krumpendorf  Austria
23.- 25. October 2020


23.10.2020 Friday    
Arrivals and Accommodation
0500 – 0700 pm Accreditation
24. 10.2020 Saturday
0700am Accreditation Warm Up
0830am Welcome, Target allocation
0900am Start of Competition on Targets (20 pcs 3D Targets)    
1300pm to 1345pm break
1400pm Start on second 20 pcs 3D Targets

25.10.2020 Sunday
0730am Warm up
0900am Start of third 20 3D Targets
1330pm Start of Individual Final - First six Shooter each class on six  3D Targets.
1600pm Medal Award





Veterans, Senior
Junior, Cadet, Children
Registration and paying deadline: 15th October 2020.
€ 40,00
€ 25,00
Bank details:
Bank für Kärnten und Steiermark
            BSC - WÖRTHERSEE
            IBAN  AT07 1700000100161788
            BIC   BFKKAT2K
The Registration is only possible via online.
The validity of the booking starts with the payment date.
The booking has to be done latest till 15th october 2020.


Shooting Styles and  Divisions:

  Veteran Adult Young Adult Junior Cadet Mini
Compound Unlimited X X X X X X
Hunter X X X X X X
Compound Barebow X X X X - -
Olympic X X X X X -
Traditional Recurve X X X X X X
Traditional Longbow X X X X X X
Barebow X X X X X -
Crossbow X X X - - -
Primitivebow- Horsebow X X X X X X


  • veteran:                51 years of age or older / men – women
  • adult:                    21-50 years / men – women
  • young adult:        18-20 years / men – women
  • junior:                   15-17 years / men – women
  • cadet:                   13-14 years / men – women
  • mini:                     under 12 years/ men – women


Touristboard Krumpendorf / Wörthersee
Phone:    +43 (0)4229 / 234331
Fax:        +43 (0)4229 / 234399
Address:    9201 Krumpendorf am Wörthersee, Hauptstraße 145

Navi Koordinaten
DMS Format: N46  37' 34" / E 14 12' 52"
Deg Format: N 46.6261307 / E 14.214468300000021

Information Concernig the Performing Association:

BSC Wörthersee as well Mr. Charly Egger is
delighted to carry out to host the Grand Prix
Tournament 2020 in Krumpendorf / Austria