1st 3D Archery Grand Prix 2023

Spišské Vlachy, SLOVAKIA

Change of Competition Center's location to ZAHURA - Chata Sabinka 
Official invitation letter and other information in INFO FOLDER

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28.04.2023 Friday
Arrivals and Accommodation
14:00 – 18:00 Registration ‐ equipment inspection
14:00 – 18:00 Practice field open

29.04.2023 Saturday
07:00 – 09:00 Registration ‐ equipment inspection
07:00 – 09:00 Practice field open
09:00 Welcome, Target allocation
09:30 Start of Competition on Targets ( 20 3D Targets)
12:00 – 13:30 lunch break
14:00 Start the second 20 3D Targets
30.04.2023 Sunday
07:00 – 09:00 Practice field open
09:00  Start of the third 20 3D Targets
12:00 – 13:00 lunch break
 14:00 Start of Individual Final – First six Shooters each class
          on 6 3D Targets  (only 6 finalist categories with most archers)
16:00 Medal Award



Veteran, Senior:                  30 €      (without meal)
Junior, Cadet, Young Adult:         25 €     (without meal)
Children (Mini):                    20 €  (without meal)

Veteran, Senior:                  45 €      (with 2 lunches)
Junior, Cadet, Young Adult:         40 €     (with 2 lunches)
Children (Mini):                    35 €     (with 2 lunches)

We know, if you want meal, or not – according to paid amount. You can pay also for more people together in one amount. When you pay, pls write all names and registration numbers to description. 

When you pay for people with lunches, inform us imediatelly after payment to email adress: pemi27@gmail.com , who is paid with meal and who without. This person gets ticket for 2 lunches during registration on Friday or Saturday morning. Lunch is basic – packed 
If any questions about payment, pls contact us: Peter Michlík, pemi27@gmail.com

The Registration is only possible via online
The validity of the booking starts with the payment Date

Registration and paying deadline: 26th APRIL 2023.


Account owner:     Spišský Lukostrelecký Klub 
Bank name:         POŠTOVÁ BANKA
IBAN:             SK5665000000000020568293
BIC:               POBNSKBA

Cancellation policy (registration):
In case of cancelled event (COVID-19 restrictions): full refund
until 17.04.2023.       full refund 
after 18.04.2023.       no refund 


Compound Unlimited:    Veteran, Adult, Young Adult, Junior, Cadet, Mini
Hunter:                             Veteran, Adult, Young Adult, Junior, Cadet, Mini
Compound Barebow:      Veteran, Adult, Young Adult
Olympic:                           Veteran, Adult, Young Adult, Junior, Cadet, Mini
Traditional Recurve:       Veteran, Adult, Young Adult, Junior, Cadet, Mini
Traditional Longbow:      Veteran, Adult, Young Adult, Junior, Cadet, Mini
Barebow:                          Veteran, Adult, Young Adult, Junior, Cadet, Mini
Crossbow Limited:          Veteran, Adult, Young Adult
Primitivebow-Horsebow:   Veteran, Adult, Young Adult, Junior, Cadet, Mini


Veteran:        55 years of age or older / men – woman
Adult:        21 – 54 years of age men / woman
Young adult:    18 – 20 years of age men / woman
Junior:        15 – 17 years of age men / woman
Cadet:        13 – 14 years of age men / woman
Mini:              10 – 12 years of age men / woman


President of Spišský Lukostrelecký Klub
Peter Michlík
(speaking: slovak)
Phone: +4421 915 370 669
Mail: pemi27@gmail.com

Ján Kakalejčík
(speaking: english, italiano , slovak)
Phone: +421 90 4 458 879
Mail: 01jan.kakalejcik@gmail.com