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If the organizers are unable to organize the competition due to a virus outbreak situation, the 90% of the entry fee will be refunded.

We heartfully invite the historical archers from around the world to the 3rd HDH-IAA Historical Archery World Championships on 17-23th August, 2020 in the picturesque town of Tata, not far from Budapest, the capital city of Hungary.

The World Championships consist of 3 parts:

I am looking forward to see you at Tata!
Lovász Tamás
             Chairman of OC
         HDA-IAA and Hungarian Archery Association

According to the historical rules of HDH-International Archery Association
You can collect 3 individual World Championship titles and one Team title. 
HDH-IAA Historical rules


  • Historical bows from modern materials
  • Historical bows from natural materials
  • Historical longbows and other stick bows
  • Hunting bows
  • Historical Cross bow


  • Minimum 15 years must be filled 1-st of january of current year for participating.

  • veteran:        51 years of age or older

  • adult:             21-50 years 

  • young adult:     18-20 years 

  • junior:         15-17 years 

22th Saturday
Long Distance Shooting Championships
8:00- Practice range opening hours
8:00-12:00- Registration
9:00- Starting the competition
Afternoon Final

The competition format:

The long didtance shooting is executed on target figures, hiting zones.
Competition is devided in 2 parts. Distances are increasing in first and decreasing in secound part.
7 arrows are shot on each distance. Only 7 arrows can be kept by the competitor when entering the shooting position if told so.
Time limit for one series of 7 arrows is 3 minutes. 
Only the competitor that is shooting is allowed in shooting position. 
Archer next in line has to wait at the waiting line.


12 shooters per cathegory goes tot he finals. In case the number of competitors are under 12 there is no need for finals the points shot before is determining the order of places. The finals is executed in set system and elimination matches.
5 targets on 5 distances from the basic round are used for elimination matches with 3 shots on each target. For each set (target) 2 points is given in case of win, 1-1 if it is a draw. In case of same points after 5 sets(targets) shoot off with 1 arrow each is executed. 
The first 4 competitor after basic round is preseeded and do not have to shoot the first round. (first round is shot by competitor placed 5-12 in basic round)
Secound round is shot by the remaining 4 competitors from first set and the preseeded 4 from basic round.
The vinner wins all matches. Ranking is decided by the set results of shooters when elimineted. In case of same points shootoff on same target with 1 arrow decides.

In categories of less than 3 persons, a minimum score must be achieved :
Historical bows and crossbows: minimum score Female: 25%
Male: 35 %
Hunting  bows minimum score Female: 30%
Male: 40 %

The field of play is easy to overview, well trimmed flat area. When designing the field prevailing wind needs to be considered. Recommended field is football field for example.
Safety zones taken in consideration the ideal field measurements are: the minimum is a zone of minimum 70 m x150 m. It must be adjusted to the distances to be shot. 

Marking the field

Poles(sticks) is marking the shooting line and a band or paint is running between them to mark the line. Waiting line is also marked located at least 3 meters behind the shooting line.
Starting from shooting line the distances are measured and marked by sticks.
On 50 and 100 meters red wind indicator flags shall be set up in the line of the field.
On targets located 80 meters and below there is no need for target zones on the ground. Ground zones around targets above 80 meters should be arranged.
With paint-spray or other suitable tool a circle is drawn and the target will be placed in the middle of this circle. Different sized circles are made on different distances. The diameter of the circle is 1/10-th of the distance to the target from shooting line. (ex. 90 meters distance requires 9 meters diameter circle)
Maximum allowed tilt of targets compared to flat ground is 15 degrees backwards. Stands that can effect the flight of incoming arrows can’t be used. 
After each round targets must be laid down on ground or carried away from field not to hinder shooters on next distance. Before next round on the particular target it must be placed back on same place as it was before.

Minimum distance is 35 meters, maximum distance is 145 meters
On 80 meters and below targets should be placed on ground or maximum 100cm above ground level. Scoring zones are marked on the targets. (10-8-5 zones)
Above 80 meters a ground zone is marked around the targets that are in the middle of the marked zone. The zone is 1/10-th of the distance from shooting line. (pl 10 meters in case of 100 meters) Targets must be placed on the ground.
On targets only 2 scoring zone needs to be marked (10-8 zones) The ground zone is the 5 points scoring zone. 

When placing targets out ratio of difficulty (size of scoring zones) and distance must be considered.

Target plans and targets to be used on the competition shall be published at least 3 months before the competition.


The registration fee contains:
World Championship entry fee,
the side programs,the banquet, transfer between the competition venues, airport transfer’s fee and
the additional programs and competitions.

HDH-IAA Historical Archery World Championships


HDH-IAA Flight and Long Distance Shooting 


HDH-IAA World Championships+ Flight and Long Distance Shooting  


Discounted registration fee
until 31th May 2020

150 € / 49.500HUF

60 € / 19.800HUF

180 € / 59.500HUF

Family discounted registration fee
until 31th May 2020
(Wife, husband, children, grandparents, )

130 € / 43.000HUF

40 € / 13.500HUF

160 € / 53.000HUF

Registration fee:

180 €

100 €

210 €

-    The registration becomes valid when the entry fee arrives to the bank account
-    In the case of cancellation we can refund the fee according to the following: 

by 31th of May 90% of the entry fee 
after 1st of June 50% of the entry fee

-    In case the withdrawal is within three weeks before the championship we can not pay refund.

All other individuals who are not members of national archery association can have competition licence* the fee is 15 Euro/year.
*licence: international shooting licence for one person

-     Please send e-mail if you would like the family discount

OTP BANK NYRT, 1163 Budapest Jókai utca 3/B 
Historical Archery World Championships
IBAN: HU19 1173 3027 2836 2515 0000 0000

HUF transfer: 11733027-28362515

-    Please write your name and the competition category (A,B or C) in the transfer notice when you pay the entry fee.