World 3D Archery Championships 2020 and European 3D Archery Championships 2021

Registration Form



As Chairman of the Organizing Committee and on behalf of the Hungarian Archery Association, I am pleased to invite you to the 
HDH-IAA World and European 3D Archery Championships 2021

The Competition will take place in Szekszárd, Sötétvölgy 9–14th of August 2021 and will be shot according to the HDH-IAA rules and regulations.
According to the decision of BOD the postponed World Championships is held together with the European Championships 2021 and both will be awarded.  
The event is open to all competitors, who have IAA shooting license.

See you in Szekszárd
János Szedlár
Chairman of OC



Sunday 08.08.                        Day 0
12.00-18.00    Registration - equipment check                           competition center
12.00-18.00    Practice field open                                                  competition center

Monday 09.08.                      Day 1
08.00-16.00    Registration - equipment check                            competition center
08.00-16.00    Practice field open                                                   competition center
18.00                Opening ceremony                                                   Szekszárd downtown

Tuesday 10.08                       Day 2
08.00-12.00    Practice field open                                                   competition center
09.00-19.00    1st competition day (28 3D targets) flying start - competition center 


Wednesday 11.08                Day 3
08.00-12.00    Practice field open                                                   competition center
09.00-19.00    2nd competition day  (28 3D targets) flying start - competition center


Thursday 12.08                    Day 4
08.00-12.00    Practice field open                                                    competition center
09.00-19.00    3rd competition day (28 3D targets) flying start - competition center


Friday 13.08                           Day 5
09.00-12.00    Team qualification (14 3D targets)                        competition center
13.00                Team finals (six 3D targets)                                    competition center
14.00                Money shoot                                                        competition center

Saturday 14.08                     Day 6
  Individual finals (six 3D targets)                             Szekszárd athletic center
18:00               Awarding Ceremony and banquet                       Szekszárd sports hall



What to do?

  1. Registration is not possible before you have your yearly IAA shooting licence in “good standing”
    • First you register as a shooter on page.
    • You have 2 options:
      1. you ask for shooting license from your organization if it is a member of IAA. And they recognize you as a member aswell and they validiate your request.
      2. You buy on webpage with credit card your individual shooting license
  2. Please  enter your registration to the competition you like to participate on.
  3. Validate your registration through clicking on link sent to your e-mail address automatically right after you have sent the registration form.
  4. The registration fee will be indicated as paid after we receive your transfer. Count with at least 4 days.
    (it has to arrive to account before deadline transfer is 3 working days) 
     please write the registration number on to the transfer for identification!

No deadline for registrations with regards to pandemics

Registration fee includes: Practice field usage, welcome bag with goodies, participation on individual event 3 days+finals, opening ceremony drink and food, award ceremony with dinner. 

Entry fee(net*) depends on date of received payment:

  • Discounted entry fee received before 01 May 2021: 170€ / competitor 
  • Entry fee received before 31 July 2021: 200€ / competitor (01 May-31 July)
  • Entry fee at place with registration 250 €/competitor


*net=after bank and transfer fees

Family discount 50€(totally) if 2 family members 100€(totally) if 3 or more from same family.
Family= grandparents, parents, children

From 1st August 2021 only at place payment and registration is possible!
Registration fee on the spot: 250 € 

Do not transfer the money after 01st August 2021
Cancellation policy (registration):
In case of cancelled event (VCOVID-19 restrictions): 150€ refunded
until 10.07.2021.       150€ repaid, 
after 11.07.2021.       no refund


  • Compound Unlimited (CU)
  • Hunter 3D (HU)
  • Compound Bare bow (CB)
  • Olympic (OL)
  • Traditional Recurve (TR-RB)
  • Traditional Longbow (TR-LB)
  • Bare bow (BB)
  • Crossbow (CRB)
  • Primitivbow and Horsebow (PB-HB)


  • veteran:                51 years of age or older / men – women
  • adult:                    21-50 years / men – women
  • young adult:        18-20 years / men – women
  • junior:                   15-17 years / men – women
  • cadet:                   13-14 years / men – women
  • mini:                     10-12 under / men – women


Rooms are very limited, please be in time with your reservations.

As there are other events in Szekszárd during the whole summer, but also during 3DWCH, we have reserved a large number of rooms in different standards, to ensure that you will be able to have accommodation near to the Competition Center.

Please make all bookings directly. We decided not to get involved with bookings. If not asked for help by larger foreign groups.

Cancellation policy (accommodation):as agreed with your hotel or agent 


Bank details for EUR transfer: Vita Fitt
IBAN: HU79 5043 5476 1000 4713 0000 0000
Bank name and address: Tiszántúli Takarék Takarékszövetkezet
4400 Nyíregyháza, Búza tér 9.



If you have any question about payments, please write email to