3D GP 2020 October - Krumpendorf, AT

Due to the growing risk of COVID epidemics and measures taken to avoid infections, we are forced to cancel GP again.
Unfortunately, it is not yet clear how defense will affect our competitions, we are working on making HDH-IAA competitions safe. Next year’s competiton calendar is being planned, please keep an eye on our website for current information.
Entries will be refunded by the organizers. We ask for a little patience from those involved.
See you in the 2021 season!
Stay safe!



Dear Friends, 

The postponed 3D GP will be held in October as promised.
Under the safety conditions caused by the virus situation, it will be possible to compete on three safe courses in Krumpendorf from 23 to 25 October.

The entry page is open for the competition. With sing up and valid competition licene can be entered on the next page.
Please repeat those entries here for the May GP.

3D GP Krumpendorf Registration

For more information: cheggerarchery@aon.at

See you in Krumpendorf!