Travel update for visiting Hungary

HDH-IAA  World Historical Archery Championships



 The competition will be held in Gyula, Hungary from 14-21st August, according to the original schedule. To date neither the COVID situation nor the conflict in Ukraine pose any  issue at all for organizing the World Championship in a safe manner.


There is a relative low number of COVID cases at the moment and just minimum restrictions in place. There is no mask obligation in public places (except for hospitals) and hotels, restaurants, public transportation all operate as normal.

The majority of the population has been vaccinated.

Kindly please check health regulations upon entry to Hungary specific for your country (vaccination/PCR testing) frequently.


Ukraine Conflict:

HDH-IAA stands for peace and with the people suffering in Ukraine. HDH-IAA hopes the military operations will end as soon as possible, parties will be returning to the negotiation table.

In regards to the World Championship the conflict doesn't have any direct impact. The ground the military operations take place are over a thousand KM away with no threat level increased in Hungary. Public services, transportation, hotels, restaurants and shops operate as normal. Hungary's protection also strengthened by its allies (NATO). At this stage the World Championships is expected to be organized in a normal way, without any security risk.


Regular update will follow on championships

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