The ARChallenge series

start in 2024

..the challenge is yours

We'll help you to make your archery event memorable.

In the ARChallenge series your participation is what s most important and we award every participant with a medal.
We will reward you for  accepting and completing the challenge and the same time you gain unforgettable memories..
Whatever your reason is to participate
ARChallenge be it for fun, friends, enjoying archery or competition, we reward them all.

The result is individual the experience is everyone’s
The medals of the
ARChallenge series, as the memories of the series can be connected to form one unit.

Not only the awards, but also the results will be linked together on the HDH-IAA Hall of fame page.
Here we preserve the memory of the performance of each of our competitors for eternity.

And when we get to the end of a season...
Those participants who achieved a podium position in all three
ARChallenge competition will receive a special medal holder trophy for their medals, and in addition, HDH-IAA will pay the entry fee for those competitors who collect all three gold medals ARChallenge rounds in the series.

Follow the announcement of the rounds on our website and enter on time
Come and take on the challenge, in which you are your own challenger.

The series consists of the following events:

The 1st Kóspallag, HUN - 06.04.2024
The 2nd Vorau, AUT - 27.04.2024
The 3rd Rimávska Sobota - 21.09.2024