BOD meeting about competition licences

17.05.2020 and 25.05.2020

25th May 2020

The BOD voted in the following polls:

1, 3D GP 2020 postponed to 19-21.03.2021.
Votes: (All in favor) ACCEPTED

2, All licences issued in 2020 before 17-th of may will be added+1 year.
Votes: (Favor - 5 Against - 1) ACCEPTED

All licenses redeemed before May 17 will be valid for an additional year. Due to the transformation of the competition system due to the COVID epidemic, the BOD decided to extend the validity of the licenses based on the proposals received.
The expiration date of individual licenses is automatically extended. Member organizations may differ in the management of licenses on own licencing system.
Expiration times will be corrected in the system soon.


See you on next event, in october 2020, 3D GP Krumpendorf