BOD meeting decisions about 2020's competitons

10th April 2020

The BOD had a video conference meeting where decisions below was made.


1. 2020 3DWCH and 2021 3DECH is merged and held in Hungary in 2021 both titles are awarded. (No 3DECH in Slovenia)

2. World 3D Archery Championships 2022 is awarded to Slovenia.

3. 2020 Historical WCH canceled. Hungary can organize next World Historical Archery Championships in 2022.

4. No Historical ECH will be awarded in 2021.

5. 2020 3D GP-s. Decision will be made 60 days before the date of tournament. If possible they will be organized current year to avoid dumping of tournaments next year. No additional GP-s will be awarded for 2021. This means that decision deadline for 3D GP Zlin is 17 of May and 3D GP Krunpendorf 23-d of August if organisation date is not moved.

6. If any tournament is canceled because of the pandemic paid deposit fee will be paid back to organizer from IAA as it is a Force Majeure situation.

7. All accommodation fees paid in should be paid back from organizer as it is possible to cancel them In case of separate transfer a fee for transfer and admin of 20 Euro can be deducted for each transferred amount.

8. A registered archer can chose to keep the fee and participate on postponed tournament or get back 90% of registration fees paid in.

Event Organizer Place New date New title
2020 3D World Championships 3DWCH 2020 HUN Szekszárd 2021 Aug W3DACH 2020
+ E3DACH 2021
2020 Historical World Championships Hist WCH 2020 HUN Tata 2022
WHiACH 2022
2021 3D European Championships 3DECH 2021 SLO Mokrice 2022
W3DACH 2022
2020 3D Grand Prix 3D GP CZE Zlin 19-21.03.2021.  3D GP Zlín
2020 3D Grand Prix 3D GP AUT Krumpendorf TBD 60 days prior to tournament