HDH-IAA Historical Archery International Judge Course

Tata, Hungary 2020 CANCELED!




Dear Friends,
We are pleased to invite your for HDH-IAA Historical Archery International Judge Course, held on 16-23rd August 2020, Tata, Hungary. The Judge Course is a joint event with the HDH-IAA Historical Archery Championships.
The course covers the following disciplines:
Historical archery (Classic targets, Technical targets, 3D targets), Long Distance Target Shooting, Flight Archery
The course has two parts:
1st: refreshment course on  the competition rule books, analyses of case studies and closing with a knowledge test.
2nd: participation at the World Championships as Assistant Judge under the supervision of a Senior Judge.

Successful candidates will be rewarded with their International Judge Certificate at the closing ceremony of the World Championships.
16th August      Rules Refreshment Training
17th Morning    Knowledge Test
17th-23rd          Assistant Judging at the World Championships
23rd                    Grading Ceremony
Required Qualifications:
- Aged over 18
- Advanced English spoken and written
- Ability to communicate effectively under the tension of competitive situation
- Good intercultural understanding (act efficiently in a multi-national and multi-cultural environment)
- Acceptance of HDH-IAA's mission and core values
- Outstanding knowledge of HDH-IAA competition rules
- General knowledge of Historical archery equipment (bows, arrows, accessories) and shooting techniques
- Track record as judge at least at 2 traditional archery competitions organized by a HDH-IAA member organization is recommended
- Prior competition records are an asset but not required
- Delegation by an HDH-IAA member organization
Each HDH.IAA member organization may delegate maximum 2 Judge candidates.
HDH-IAA keeps the right to reject any judge candidate at any stage of the Course upon improper conduct, lack of knowledge of rules, disrespectful behavior, or impartial decisions.
Course fee:
The Judge course fee is 100 Eur in case of completed course.
Judge candidates are required to pay 200 Eur deposit at the time registration for the Judge Course. At the completion of the Course the participant will receive 100 Eur return.
HDH-IAA will provide accommodation and meals during the Course for free.
The bank details are in here: http://hdhiaa.net/about-iaa/
Judge Candidates are supposed to send their application to the following email address:
Tamás Lovász:  lovasztamas91@gmail.com