International Judge course – 3D and Hunting Archery

Alba Ilia, Romania 2023

Loction of Judge course and exam: (Ladányi cabinet de avocat):




HDH-IAA is going to hold an International Judge – 3D and Hunting Archery training program in conjunction
with the 3D Archery European Championships 2023 in Alba Julia, Romania.

Candidates successfully completing the training program will be qualified to act as Judge in international
tournaments in the following historical archery disciplines:
- 3D Archery
- Hunting Archery

The training program will consist of academic lessons (archery, equipment, competition rules, ethics for
athletes and judges, conflict resolving) and acting as assistant judge at the European Championships.
Successful candidates will receive an international Judge certificate for 3D and Hunting Archery. 
The International Judge training starts on the 7th August 2023 morning and closes on the evening of the 9-h.
1-st day academic training
2-nd day On field training
3-d day on field training, test on afternoon
Candidates are required to complete all days.
Requirements for application:
- General knowledge of 3d and hunting archery: equipment, events, competition styles
- Knowledge of HDH-IAA competition rules
- Prior experience as judge or organizer at (3d and hunting if available in country) archery competition(s) on
local or national level
- Recommendation by an HDH-IAA member organization
- High ethical standards: No criminal records and fair competitor history 
- Fluency in English (written and spoken), good communication and conflict resolving skills, fast decision
making and fair judgement
The Judge course fee is 50 Euro per participant, payable by 15th of July to the registration fee account clearly
indicating the participants name and that it is payment for judge’s course.

Pease send application to:

International Archery

Bank: CIB Bank Bank
Address: Medve u.4-14, Budapest H-1027

TAX number:

IBAN: HU60 1070 2301 6658 9330 5000 0005
(Euro account) If you pay in Euro.