30 days left

news on W3DACH Szeksz√°rd

30 Days Left!!!


As competition date is approaching, organizer  and IAA is finalizing preparation work despite the paralyzing effect of Covid on all parties.
Overall circumstances for a great World and European 3D Championships are improving rapidly.

At the moment all events, also sport events are allowed for participation up till 500 sportsmen.  
Spectators can join events, (event area) if they have immunity card. 

  • 557 shooters have pre registered and 457 are registered(paid entry fee)
  • 5 international Judges will be on place: Marjan Ilar Head Judge (SLO), Csaba Laboncz(HU), Shahram Mohammadi(IRI), Daniel Cindler(CZE), Peter Román(HU)
  • 4 Planned courses + practise course
  • Planned format Flying Start and the course will be with double stakes (stakes placed 1,5 m from eachother)

Essential info on the competition as of todays information!
Please note that info is constatly changing will keep you updated if any change from now.

General info:

  • as of 24st June there is unrestricted land entry to Hungary from Austria, Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia. Hungary reopened it’s Schengen borders as well the same date.
  • as of 1st of July, masks will no longer be required indoors and people will be allowed to go to hotels, restaurants, baths and water parks without an immunity certificate
  • As a general rule, masks will no longer be required indoors and people will be allowed to go to hotels, restaurants, baths and water parks without an immunity certificate.
  • the use of immunity certificates will be maintained for visiting mass events, such as sports events, concerts, festivals
  • the maximum event participation number is 500. (there are 40 open places left for registering to the shoot)
  • minors can travel to Hungary under their parent’s supervision without restrictions
  • European Union’s Digital Green Certificate for COVID immunity will enter into force in Hungary as well in July.

Event specific info:

  • antigen tests will be available and required at registration for 10 Euros for shooters that are not immunized. (Not fully vaccinated or have not got certificate of recovery from COVID-19 not older than 6 months or PCR test not older than 72 hours)
  • temperature will be taken at registration and before every day’s event
  • wearing of facemasks will be recommended when not shooting to protect those who are not immunized.
  • followers and viewers can only enter the event locations if they are immunized and can prove it.
  • all participants need to sign a statement before the event, that they participate on own risk at the tournament and organizer cannot be held responsible for eventual infection.
  • all participants need to have a personal insurance organizer will not cover eventual costs for healthcare.

We wish you good health and preparations for the event.
See you in Szekszárd!

*PLS follow news to get latest info.

6th of July
IAA communication