60 days left

news on W3DACH Szeksz√°rd

60 Days Left!!!

As competition date is approaching, we are glad to announce that things have improved on all areas!

As Government is gradually letting things go back to normal we are seeing forward to the World and European Championships.

At the moment all events, also sport events are allowed for participation up till 500 sportsmen without particular restrictions.  
Spectators can join events, (event area) if they have immunity card (Mutual agreements between HUN-SLO, HUN-SRB, HUN-ROM, HUN-CRO, HUN-CZE to accept each other’s immunity cards.)
Hotels, restaurants and all entertainment programs are open for persons with immunity card

  • 440 shooters have registered (7-th of June)
  • 250 Targets have been delivered
  • 240 Medals for both World- 2020 and European Champs 2021 have arrived
  • 5 international Judges have been appointed: Marjan Ilar Head Judge(SLO),Csaba Laboncz(HU),Shahram Mohammadi(IRI), Daniel Cindler(CZE), Peter Román(HU)
  • 4 Planned courses + practise course
  • Planned format Flying Start

All agreements could be finalized with stakeholders such as land owners, local government, hunting organisation on place, the wildlife protection services.

The only thing missing is you and all the other archers!

At the moment we have 440 paid registrations from 11 countries. Please be aware of that the period for discounted registration is over and if you have not managed payment before 1-st of June the normal registration fee is to be paid. (200 Euro)

IT seems that the smoothest way for participation is immunity. Immunity card can be received if you went through the Covid infection or have been vaccinated.
We recommend strongly that you try to get a card in time, if you have possible, it will be helpful in all situations and everywhere, also in Szekszárd.

We wish you good health and preparations for the event.
See you in Szekszárd!


*PLS follow news to get latest info.

07th of June
IAA communication