First ever International Archery Tournament in Bhutan kicks off

Fifty-five foreign and 72 Bhutanese traditional archers from 10 countries, aged 7 to 70 start shootingon an elevation of 2800 meters above see level. Bhutan is the only country on the planet having archery as national sport and the national archery association want to keep it that way as with the gradual opening of the country the other worldwide popular sports are getting stronger every year even in Bhutan.

The exceptional surroundings provided by the Himalayas and the host’s hospitality during the training and sightseeing days before the event has swept all the guest archers away. They can go home with an adventure for a lifetime to tell their grandchildren. The competition is a multiple event with traditional-, distance target- and distance archery elements by IAA rules in Paro. Also matches will be played according to traditional Bhutanese archery rules in form of team matches in Timpu. 

Nations represented: Austria, Bhutan, Germany, Hungary, India, Korea, Malaysia, Romania, Spain, UK