Historical Archery Judge Course

2022 - Gyula (HUN)

HDH-IAA is going to hold an International Judge - Historical Archery training program in conjunction with the Historical Archery World Championships 2022 in Gyula, Hungary.

Candidates successfully completing the training program will be qualified to act as Judge in international tournaments in the following historical archery disciplines:
- Classical Historical Targets
- Long Distance Target Shooting
- Flight Shooting

The training program will consist of academic lessons (history of archery, equipment, competition rules, ethics for athletes and judges, conflict resolving) and acting as assistant judge at the World Championships. Successful candidates will receive their certificates at the Awards Ceremony of the World Championships. The International Judge training starts on the 13th August 2022 afternoon and closes on the evening of the 20th.

Official invitation letter: DOWNLOAD

How to apply:
Please send an application email to info@hdhiaa.net 

See you in Gyula!