W3DACH 2020 + E3DACH 2021

Modified deadline for discounted payments

After discussions with OC we have good news for our archers!

Despite the significant costs already accumulated due to postponing the tournament  from transactions, exchanges and the necessary financing and storing of targets plus the administrational work done and paid in vain the Organizing Committee is meeting the request of IAA archers and is willing to prolong the deadline of discounted registration fee payment by one month as below:
·       Discounted entry fee received before 01 May 2021: 170€ / competitor 01 June 2021
·       Entry fee received before 31 July 2021: 200€ / competitor (01 June-31 July)
·       Entry fee at place with registration 250 €/competitor

IAA expresses it’s gratitude towards OC to place archers interest before their own and provide this extra allowance to them.

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