First time sign up

Step 1
Sign up with your e-mail address, your name and with a secure password to our site.
One email address can only be registered to one user!
If you cannot register with your email address during Sign up, try to logging with your address in to the login section.
If you forgot your password, you can request a new one for your login.

Step 2
Fill all data in the next dialog, the photo uploading is optional (temporary doesn't work)

Step 3
Confirm your sign-up by using a link received to your email inbox
Now you can see our competition-registration system, but you need to have a shooting license before you can register to a competition.

Step 4
If you are member in any IAA member organization, please choose from the list.
A request for approval is sent to your organization for approval of your license. Your membership must be in good standing. This could take a few days….

Step 5
If you are not member of any IAA member organization please buy an Individual Licence with credit card in Licencing system.
The Individual Licence will valid one year from issued, and the fee is 15€.  Your license entitles you to enter any HDH-IAA event as a competitor.
The system will forward you to the CIB Bank e-commerce, fulfilled payment you will be directed back to HDH-IAA Profile page.

Now you have valid licence, you are able to register to any HDH-IAA event in this page.



Sign in

Our system uses your email address as primary key.
Please use your registered email address and password for sign in.

After login you will see your personal data, the licence number and validity of your licence.
May you change your licence to the other organization or to the individual licence.
In here you have change the defalut styles, your photos and your password.



 Registering to a competiton

On COMPETITION site HDH-IAA main events are listed

  1. Sign in

  2. Fill out the registration form

  3. If everything is ok press “apply” if not change wrong data.

  4. System send e-mail to you

  5. Confirm by clicking on link received to your in box

  6. Your pre-registration is now visible on page

  7. If prepayment is required, registration will be finalized when transfer has arrived and your status changes to paid